CPUR Benches

These are photos of CPUR benches that Nygel John Melitado took in 2007.

We used these photos for a mini-documentary in one of the episodes of the CPU TV program “CPU Derecho”.

The concrete benches were projects of past CPU Republic from as far back as 1960s.

Maybe a few of these simple CPUR edifices have remained and still serving their purpose.

Most of these benches had to be destroyed, relocated and thrown around to give way to more elaborate campus developments.

Behind every year period inscribed on these benches are stories of former student leaders whose leadership and character development began with the oldest student republic in the Philippines.

Well, if these benches could talk, they could probably narrate lots of campus stories.

Please have a look and try to think and reminisce your CPU campus memories.

CPUR Benches 1

CPUR Benches 2.a

CPUR Benches 3

CPUR Benches 5

CPUR Benches 4

CPUR Benches 8

CPUR Benches 9

CPUR Benches 6

CPUR Benches 7

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