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This Letter Makes Me Wish He’s CPU President

We got this letter that Centralian Delicia Gaje St Denis posted on the Kun Ako President sang CPU FB page and other Centralian FB pages.

It says:

From Delicia Gaje St Denis:

Hello everyone,

After reading posts from fellow Centralians,I had to wonder why there is so much animosity , curiosity,or simply just plain old jealousy to a fellow Centralian , by some . He is one we call our own, a brother, a friend, a colleague ,so I dared to ask him a question directly, when no one has ever done so. I do not know him personally, in fact I became acquainted with him through this FB page, he did give me a reply, and for that I am grateful. now we do not have to speculate, because , ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Lester Ruiz, has indeed given us his direct and honest reply as to who, what, where and why……

Thank you Dr. Lester Ruiz….God Bless…



Thank you for your question regarding the presidency of CPU. This is a very old question that goes back to the time when the university was searching for the successor of President Pulido.

At that time, I was approached by the search committee of the Board if I was interested, and subsequently was interviewed by the Board’s search committee. Similarly, during the time of President Acanto, there was a similar interest on the Board (and others), in having me consider the presidency of the university.

For those who knew me well then, as now, my answer was something like this: It’s an honor to be asked. My interest is in being part of a process of discernment by the entire university about what kind of president CPU needs; and for that reason, I am willing to be interviewed, willing to present my views, and be fully engaged”–which I did.

But, I want to be very clear: the presidency of CPU is first and foremost a call. I have not sought it; I have not dreamed about it. Any one who really knows me, will vouch for that.

It is those who don’t know me that think I want to be president of CPU–and believe me, there are many who think they know me, or know about me–and who have spoken both in front of me and behind my back, about how I am seeking this position.

Let’s be perfectly candid. Any clear thinking person who has followed my career, from my being a student at Princeton Theological Seminary in the 1970s-80s, to my being Director of the Transnational Academic Program at the World Order Models Project in New York, to being professor of political science and peace studies at International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan, to being Vice President for Academic Affairs and Academic Dean at New York Theological Seminary, and now, as director of Accreditation and Institutional Evaluation of the Association of Theological Schools in the US and Canada, should wonder why I would want to go back the the Philippines and seek out the presidency of CPU?

Why would I be interested? My career trajectory would suggest that I am doing something that has some meaning and value already.

Perhaps, more important, why would I, having worked hard all my life, enter into the twilight of my life, and take on leadership of an institution of such complexity–extremely contested, deeply divided–a thankless job? There is a wonderful life during retirement.

I still have so many things I want to do: travel the world, see the Galapagos, climb Mt. Everest, go back to Prague, ride the Trans Siberian railway from Helsinki to Vladivostok; also write and publish, do some lecturing, and spending more time with Jean and other family members? Why would I exchange this for the presidency of CPU?

I recognize there are many people who love CPU and who are disappointed in the directions it is taking–who are looking for people who might lead it well into the future. There are well meaning people out there who care deeply and who believe that I can and should lead CPU as its president. Truth be told, I don’t interpret their desire as wanting me, as such, to be the president.

Rather, I see this as a reflection of their hope for a better future–for a particular kind of leadership qualitatively different than the previous or existing leadership.

And, truth be told, I also know there are not so well meaning people out there, some who claim they know me, or who say they are my friends, who, in fact, have continued to gossip about me, my lifestyle, my character, my morals, my leadership capacity–who are discrediting me.

I would like to interpret this gossip, not just as a personal attack on me, but, rather, as a statement that I am not an ideal candidate for the presidency.

I don’t begrudge these people. Their comments, their gossip, only illustrates who they are–it is a commentary on who they are, rather than who I am. It is both sad and laughable. If it were true that I was seeking or desire the CPU presidency, then, their gossip should be taken seriously. But, in fact, they just are wrong.

I am not interested in the CPU presidency. I love CPU–or the idea of CPU, and what it represents. But there are more ways to serve CPU than being its president.

In this, my record, is clear. I have served CPU by offering/giving my teaching expertise over the past ten or fifteen years. That is what I have chosen to give CPU.

But I will be dammed if I will give CPU and those who think they have a franchise on character and expertise regarding what CPU needs, the remainder of my life. There are just so many avenues of service, some even more fulfilling, than being president of CPU.

I write this to you while at the biennial of our association of more than 270 schools in the US and Canada, including schools like Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Duke, the University of Chicago–all those schools that are markers of excellence in this world.

My current work, which I imagine will be mine to do for at least another ten years, is of such quality and joy, that I can’t see how CPU, at least currently, can provide an attractive alternative to.

I’m not suggesting CPU is without value, or that it is not accomplishing or meeting a need in our world. It is. That is why I love the school and what it represents. But such love does not mean I want to give myself to it.

So, Delicia, I know this is probably more than what you asked for. Thank you for giving me a chance to reflect and to state very clearly what I think of this gossip regarding my pursuit of the CPU presidency.

It is without basis. Totally wrong, and probably carries with it other agendas other than an assessment of my suitability for the presidency. I don’t envy anyone who wants that job. But, that is not what I want for my life.

All the best.


CPUR Benches

These are photos of CPUR benches that Nygel John Melitado took in 2007.

We used these photos for a mini-documentary in one of the episodes of the CPU TV program “CPU Derecho”.

The concrete benches were projects of past CPU Republic from as far back as 1960s.

Maybe a few of these simple CPUR edifices have remained and still serving their purpose.

Most of these benches had to be destroyed, relocated and thrown around to give way to more elaborate campus developments.

Behind every year period inscribed on these benches are stories of former student leaders whose leadership and character development began with the oldest student republic in the Philippines.

Well, if these benches could talk, they could probably narrate lots of campus stories.

Please have a look and try to think and reminisce your CPU campus memories.

CPUR Benches 1

CPUR Benches 2.a

CPUR Benches 3

CPUR Benches 5

CPUR Benches 4

CPUR Benches 8

CPUR Benches 9

CPUR Benches 6

CPUR Benches 7

Central Spirit – There's Happiness at CPU Forever

Perhaps you might be one of those who were touched deeply by the message of the Coca-Cola ad “Where Will Happiness Strike Next: The OFW Project”.

You can’t avoid identifying with and feeling how the three persons featured in the Coca-Cola advertisement felt, especially when you are located abroad and far from your loved ones.

However, when you are one of the alumni of Central Philippine University, the Central Spirit provides the needed warmth and comfort wherever you may be.

Central Philippine University Blog

Centralians are encourage to post a comment, sharing how the Central Spirit has lifted your spirits high as you go through your experiences and transitions in life.

Share your happy CPU Forever Experience now!

Central Spirit – There’s Happiness at CPU Forever

Perhaps you might be one of those who were touched deeply by the message of the Coca-Cola ad “Where Will Happiness Strike Next: The OFW Project”.

You can’t avoid identifying with and feeling how the three persons featured in the Coca-Cola advertisement felt, especially when you are located abroad and far from your loved ones.

However, when you are one of the alumni of Central Philippine University, the Central Spirit provides the needed warmth and comfort wherever you may be.

Central Philippine University Blog

Centralians are encourage to post a comment, sharing how the Central Spirit has lifted your spirits high as you go through your experiences and transitions in life.

Share your happy CPU Forever Experience now!

Generosity Attracts Giving

Give and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. (Luke 6:38)

It is hard to comprehend and to some this is not acceptable but I believe that giving attracts generosity. This is not to run in contrary to another virtue that says, “Give and expect nothing in return” because the gifts would still come anyway even if with all candor and purity you are not expecting something in return.

You see, this is law of attraction at work, especially in gifts and giving.

First and foremost, the prevailing spirit here is generosity and not greed.

The Work Student Study Program is CPU's legacy of generosity since her foundation in 1905...click on the photo to watch a video

Generosity is the honest expression of giving favors in the form of talents, availability and financial help to others without looking forward to anything in return.

It is giving at its best because it is spontaneous and not coerced. It is freely and heartily given.

In this period of global financial crisis the most common phrase that we hear from many people, leaders of corporations, religious and humanitarian organizations, is “We don’t have money”.

May I ask, is the phrase “we don’t have money” borne out of honest evaluation of the real financial status? Or is it being used as a safety measure, a phrase that will dissuade spending despite the availability of money?

If this is the case, is this not dishonesty? And when you are not honest with your real financial situation how can you expect generosity to thrive in your areas of influence?

Where generosity is stunted, gifts are scarce, and it is likely that greed will breed and soon take over. It is my prayer that the current “no money”, “no budget” mantra that has been popular at the biggest university in Iloilo City would not attract poverty and greed.

Sowing the seeds of generosity begins with your genuine concern for your fellow person. When you do something to realize your concern through giving, then this act and substance of your giving becomes the gift to the person of your concern. Your deed of kindness, which has become a habit will attract gifts to come your way.

There are quality academic institutions that have cultivated excellently the culture of generosity. They nurture generosity among their students by giving scholarships, grant-in-aids, and support for extra-curricular activities.

Believing in the principle that giving attracts gifts, there are school leaders who commit sincerely to offer the best facilities, equipment, and services for their students. Beyond graduation, there are Iloilo City universities that continue to really be their students’ Alma Mater (nurturing mother) because they have built that true “mother-son” caring relationship.

Would you believe that there are churches and non-profit institutions who take pride in harboring large sum of money in the bank? They would declare that they are progressing because their “savings” have grown through the years.

Are churches and non-profit institutions not supposed to spend all their so-called “riches” for the poor and needy as Jesus Christ has commanded?

Quite contrary, the most progressive and fast growing churches and non-profit institutions are those that are sincerely all out in harnessing and using their resources to do for their worthy vision and mission.

Their members and alumni are giving cheerfully because they can see life and vitality in their total institutional existence. They won’t hesitate to give sacrificial to support a very worthwhile ministry projects for they see that their donations are used extensively and the results are tremendous.

Well, it is not yet too late to start giving generously. And when you see how your act of benevolence had lifted somebody’s spirit, giving a brighter day to him or her, you have just attracted the priceless gift of love.

The Work Student Study Program of Central Philippine University is one great bastion of generosity that must be protected . Know why by watching this short video documentary on God’s GRACE

What do you want from life? – Christ Emphasis Week Update

Central Philippine University
Christ Emphasis Week

Christ Emphasis Week 2011

What a sight to see the students coming in groups, walking towards Rose Memorial Auditorium, University Church, and EMC Conference Room, to attend the Christ Emphasis Week convocations. Indeed, the students who received Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior in their hearts, whether they came forward or not, are now heaven’s treasure trove.

Christ Emphasis Week

Kevin "Kuya Kevin" Sanders

To give us a first hand peek of this week’s event, may I share with you Kuya Kevin’s blog about his recent Christ Emphasis Week experience. Kuya Kevin is Kevin Sanders, a Christian missionary based in Manila. It’s for the third time that Kevin has come to Central Philippine University as one of the CEW speakers.

Christ Emphasis Week

Christ Emphasis Week


Central Philippine University

The Closing Convocation at Rose Memorial Auditorium

Central Philippine University

The University Church Praise and Worship Band with Lovejoy Quimpo (leftmost) lead singing.

Central Philippine University

Central Philippine University

The University Church Praise and Worship Singers

Central Philippine University

Students always leave the convocations in high spirits. CEW is one event that every Centralian must experience.

Experiencing the Big Kawa Hot Spa at Katahum Tibiao

The trek up and down the mountains to visit Tibiao’s popular Bugtong-Bato Falls and the muscular effort spent paddling the Kayak exhausted the G-Force.

Flord, General Manager of Tibiao Fish Spa and Katahum Tours had told the G-Force that the Big Kawa Hot Spa is designed to sooth the aching muscles and joints of the Katahum Tibiao revelers from Central Philippine University.

Central Philippine University

Trying to look confident that the firewood won't boil the water and cook May alive.

May, Joan, and Jonan who immersed themselves into the Big Kawa confirmed that Flord was right. The Big Kawa Hot Spa simmered down the tension that wrapped their being when they climbed the steep way to Bugtong-Bato and negotiated the foaming and gorging rapids of Tibiao.

Central Philippine University

Two heads are better than one...

Central Philippine University

Together we stand, divided we fall!

Central Philippine University

If not for the fact that the G-Force had to go home that afternoon to CPU, Iloilo City, they could have stayed longer and savor every bit of Katahum Tibiao.

Even if the G-Force’s visit to Tibiao was short, the trip was indeed great time for refreshing, bonding, and most of all, in awesome wonder of God’s creation.

Thank you Mayor Walden Lim and Flord for your hospitality.

Crista, Nica, Che, and the rest of the tour guides gang, blessings and more power to you all!

More photos…

Central Philippine University Central Philippine University

Kayaking at the Katahum Tibiao River Rapids

Central Philippine University

Cyrus at Kayak Inn

The G-Force, compose of some staff members of Central Philippine University, went on a two-day discovery 2011 at Tibiao, Antique on May 26 to 27.

Central Philippine University

Resting a bit before leaving Bugtong-Bato Falls to go back to Brgy. Tuno. The G-Force appreciates the presence of Flord (red shirt) and Krista (yellow shirt) who guided their trek.

Their second day at Tibiao was an intensive adventure day for them. Early morning, the G-Force went to witness the fisher folks bring in their catch from their Lambaklad nets. They had fun at Bugtong-Bato Falls. Read previous post, “Katahum Tibiao Tours – Lambaklad Fishing, Bugtong-Bato Falls, Kayak Adventures & Hot Bath

It was already noon time when the G-Force finished their trip from Bugtong-Bato. They proceeded to Kayak Inn, the venue for their next activity… Kayaking.

After a hearty lunch, three G-Force members don the kayaking attire. Cyrus decided to rest, while Jonan soothed his tired body at the Kawa hot bath.

Central Philippine University

Beneath the smiles of the G-Force Kayakers, a mix of excitement and eagerness pervaded their spirit. The walk to the training site added to the suspense.

Central Philippine University

Jones, Joan, and May were the three G-Force who went Kayaking.

Central Philippine University

The Kayak neophytes were brought to Grade 1 (still waters) for orientation and quick training.

Central Philippine University

Kayaking is a mix of paddling and balance, which May finally mastered.

Central Philippine University

It's easy to build confidence in the smooth water, what do you think Jones?

Central Philippine University

With great determination despite falling into the water once, Joan finally overcame her fear.

After the crash course, Jones shot the Tibiao River Rapids…finishing 12 Kayaking stations.

Central Philippine University

Central Philippine University

Watch out for more G-Force’s Katahum Tibaio Adventures…next post!

Katahum Tibiao Tours – Lambaklad Fishing, Bugtong-Bato Falls, Kayak Adventures & Hot Bath

Central Philippine University

It looks like the sea would not favor our chance to witness the Lambaklad fish haul.

Central Philippine University

Later, Flord sent Joan a message that they will proceed as planned. The G-Force cheered.

Sporadic heavy rains marked the whole night until early morning, which dampened the G-Force’s schedule to move out at 5:00 in the morning.

Central Philippine University

The G-Force was supposed to ride the bamboo raft with the fishermen but the big waves were too much for them.

They were set to go to Brgy. Malabor, two kilometers from Tibiao town, to witness the fishermen bring in their fish harvest.

About 12 fishermen riding on a wide bamboo raft braved the heavy waves, pulled the nets, and gathered the catch. Despite stormy weather, the Lambaklad nets yield 44 kilos of Bayang and several kilos of Bulaw.

Central Philippine University

Central Philippine University

Central Philippine University

Central Philippine University

G-Force bought two Bayangs; Flord gifted them with one. Each Bayang weighs 2.5 Kgm.

Central Philippine University

Proudly, showing their spoils. The banana is courtesy of Flord, a token from their family orchard. G-Force gave Flord some CPU tokens, their way of promoting CPU wherever they go.

Central Philippine University

The G-Force just marveled at Tibiao's verdant hills and vales. They had no idea what surprises awaited them at Bugtong Bato.

Bugtong-Bato Falls

From Brgy. Malabor, G-Force went back to town to have breakfast. They ate at Vbot’s Restaurant where they enjoyed sinabawan nga Tangigue, among other food.

They also requested Nang Vbot to fry the Bulaw that they bought from Malabor fisher folks. The G-Force brought packed lunch to Bugtong-Bato.

Central Philippine University

Taking a brief pause after climbing the first slope. The site is way up the mountains with Che (rightmost) and Crista (taking the photo) as their local guides.

Central Philippine University

Central Philippine University

Central Philippine University

Central Philippine University

Enjoying the best of times at Bugtong-Bato Falls.

Next…G-Force’s Kayak Adventure…hang on!

Katahum Tibiao Experience – Surf Watching, Spelunking & Tibiao Fish Spa

Central Philippine University

Taking a pose with the Tibiao Mayor, Hon. Walden M. Lim (center) during the G-Force's courtesy call.

The rain had stopped but the skies remained cloudy. It was already past 3:00 in the afternoon of May 26, 2011. Being Centralians, the G-Force took time to visit Mayor Walden Lim in his office upon arrival at Tibiao town.

Besides doing the customary courtesy call to the town leader of every place that the G-Force visits, it is also their pride and honor to meet a fellow-Centralian who is leading the progressive town of Tibiao.

Centrral Philippine University

We are here! Taking a photo with GM Flord at his Tibiao Fish Spa sign.

For them, it is great opportunity to hear and learn from Mayor Lim his vision and plans for his constituents. Thus, when Jones asked him what his priority project for the Tibiao people is, Mayor Lim replied quickly and without hesitation, “farm-to-market roads”.

Tiguis Beach

They thought their day tour would start the following day but Flord lost no time in inviting the group to visit some sites nearby. Thus, Flord guided the G-Force to Tiguis Beach.

Central Philippine University

Appreciating the panorama that Tiguis Beach gives

Central Philippine University

We negotiated steep slopes to reach Tibiao's popular seaside scene.

Central Philippine University

Tiguis Beach is not your typical swim and dive beach.

Central Philippine University

Tiguis Beach is one place to find peace by listening to the surf and learning from it.

Tibiao is definitely on her way to progress because Mayor Lim, Flord, and her constituents are listening and learning from nature. Thus, they reap nature’s bountiful gifts.

It is quite sad that there are leaders who neglect to listen to what nature and society are crying out because they are immersed with their pride and pretensions; leading themselves and their constituents towards self-destruction and hubris.

Central Philippine University

Don't leave Tiguis Beach without getting a picture with the 100-year-old Balete Tree.

Let’s go to Tiguis Beach and listen to the surf and get the message!

Spelunking at Manlamon Cave

Although it’s only about 5:00 PM, the dark cloudy sky and the scattered rain showers made it look like it was already dusk. This did not deter the G-Force to follow Flord to Manlamon Cave for some short spelunking adventure.

Flord shared that according to folklore, one could travel through Manlamon cave and be transported to a nearby island by saying a magic word. Along the way, the traveler will be served with good food, fruits, and everything that would make your travel so memorable and comfortable. What the magic word is, no one knows nor not one of the G-Force would like to know.

Central Philippine University

Life's challenges become light when we carry one another's burden.

Central Philippine University

Doing a pose that is fitted for billboard promotion at the mouth of Manlamon Cave.

Central Philippine University

Inside Manlamon's cavern

Central Philippine University

Jonan was glad to exit without a hitch.

The Taste of Tibiao Fish Spa

No, the G-Force did not eat fish but instead they let those special kind of fishes eat their dead skin, leaving the soft and smooth dermis of their feet. At the Tibiao Fish Spa, the client undergoes three stages of treatment. You start with stage one with those little fish doing some kind of “micro-ex-foliation” of your skin.

Central Philippine University

The G-Force at the Tibiao Fish SPA

Then you progress to stages 2 and 3 with the spa being managed by medium to large fishes. Oh boy, the G-Force cannot give an exact description of what they went through at the fish spa. You better come to Tibiao Fish Spa and experience it yourself.

Flord invited the G-Force to try the total Roman bath, a full-body fish treatment but nobody dared. For now, foot treatment was just enough.

Cenetral Philippine University

The G-Force at Stage 1

Central Philippine University

Getting used to the fish nibbles, the G-Force relaxed a bit at Stage 2.

Central Philippine University

Stage 3 gives a smooth finishing 'touch' to our skin.

Watch out for more Katahum Tibiao adventures…next blog post!