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DZ Recalls Last Words with Husband Edwin

Friends, Students, Colleagues Give Tributes to Rev. Dr. Edwin I. Lariza

DZ, wife of Rev. Lariza, shared her recollection of their conversation the day after his confinement to the hospital in late February.

DZ Patriarca Lariza

Rev. Edwin I. Lariza

TRANSLATION: Mamsing (or Mama), let’s make a stand on what we talked about that I will rest now… let’s be firm on it Mamsing.. I assured him that we will stand together. We were gripping each other”s hand tightly by his hospital bed a day after he was admitted. I told him ok Popsing (or Papa) sleep for now – you always tell me – Rest if you must but don’t quit…We will stand pa and I wont quit FOR YOU..our battle cry – PADAYON (Continue)… We embraced each other…He told me to never leave the ministry -NETS (he conceptualized the ministry and gave the name) and the MSPM, should be continued. I thought it was just because he will have a vacation with me in Negros…Papa your visions will never die… I COMMIT TO PURSUE IT..

Meanwhile, Prof. Lariza’s former students posted these on FB:

Rev. Dr. Edwin I. Lariza

More to come…

Frank C. Jamandre – The Bagong Bayani Awardee for Community Service is a Centralian

Central Philippine University Blog

Frank C. Jamandre, native of Iloilo, is recipient of the 2011 Bagong Bayani Award for Community Service.

Frank finished his Nursing degree in 1973 at Central Philippine University. At present, he is the regulatory and accreditation coordinator at Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar.

President Benigno Aquino III will give the award on December 1 at the Malacañang Palace.

Responding to CPU Blog’s email interview, Frank shared the answers that come from his heart.

Frank believes that the three qualities that lead to his being chosen as Bagong Bayani Awardee for Community Service are:

  1. Love of GOD. Putting HIM first in my life.
  2. Love in helping the less fortunate.
  3. Love for my country to be economically stable and free of corruption, have fear of God and follow the righteous way.

Asked how CPU as his college Alma Mater influenced his life, Frank Jamandresaid, “CPU molded me in Christian values that made me a vessel to spread God’s goodness and love to all men.”

Frank challenged Centralians to continue to spread the love of GOD and let our lives shine, being the light of this World so others will see the goodness God has in our lives.

Congratulations Frank C. Jamandre! You bring honor to Central Philippine University. Mabuhay!

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Central Philippine University Blog