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CPU Tennis Courts – Donated by CPUAA Northeastern USA for a Good Cause

This is a short documentary of the CPU Tennis Courts, which construction was made possible through the donation of CPUAA Northeastern USA.

Now watch this video and you will learn there’s an existing Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between CPU and the CPUAA Northeastern USA chapter.

One of the major stipulations in the MOA is that income generated from the CPU Tennis Courts fees will be donated to the Work Students program, particularly God’s GRACE program.

Watch the two-minute video now.

We thank the CPUAA Northeastern USA for their generosity and support for the work students through the tennis courts they donated.

Now, knowing this fact about the CPU Tennis Courts, we are interested to know how far had CPU administered the stipulations of the MOA?

I guess the donors and alumni would be happy to know so that other Centralians will be inspired to donate for CPU.

By the way, this video was produced in 2007 and used as advertisement at CPU TV Channel with the goal of attracting tennis enthusiasts around Iloilo City.

Credit goes to Nygel Militado for shooting and editing the CPU Tennis Court Ad. Thanks to Carmelle Romero for the voice over.