Positively Centralians Understand “Donation” Is Not All About Giving Money

central philippine university
CPU Alumni Promenade Concert Park (Photo taken February 2015)

This conversation in one of the threads at Positively Centralians FB page reveals how alumni understand that giving to Central Philippine University is not only in the form of money. We have underscored the response of Lester Edwin J Ruiz, which captures the thoughts and sentiments of Positively Centralians.

Please read the excerpts of the conversation below:

Dan Dorillo Well said Jeriel Gabilo Militar. Nothing wrong with posting what needs to be improved, but it would be best (and more mature) if we also offer suggestions how to improve things…. after all we all are supposed to be matured Centralian professionals who can make some difference in our alma mater . As one member has rightfully observed, there are some who appear to tear down things…. but there are some who also strive to build – the choice is ours…Ann Rico Jamandre
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Alvi Cordero Dan and Jeriel…. indi bala maayo man nga guina pkita ang dpat obrAhon sng admin sng cpu, para mpa kaayo lng man nila….ano gd ang kinahnglan sini hw, PINTAHAN man lng liwat… maayo lng gani ky alumni lng nkakita, ti kng tourists abi?…kg guina pkita man bala ang front kg back view sng mahigko nga mga bldgs…
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Joy Todesca Dan and Jeriel daw claro man ang hambal sang PS followers nga front Lang a nG ginapintahan. Why not make it both sides . It is NOT immature to notice what needs to be noticed. If someone is tearing down CPU, those are people who refuse to see what is obvious. That’s my take. What people here seem to agree is that responsible people inside the campus are oblivious to the obvious. And again it’s not teAring down .
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Dan Dorillo Has anyone asked kon pintahan man ang likod o indi? Kon ang sabat sang Admin indi – I’m with you.
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Dan Dorillo Jonan Castillon – ang balance nga pag present kon ga pamankot anay para factual kag current. Bago lang ko nag post nga ang CPUAAI may project nga ma improve da ang backstage – wala mo lang guro mabasa. Ga pasalamat gid kami sa mga alumni nga nag padala ila LOVE GIFT para sa ini nga project. Wala kami ga solicit diri….
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Alvi Cordero Dan, dpat pa gali ehmbal dri nga pintahan ang mga bldgs nga mahigko? Common sense lng ina….wash or repaint it!
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Dan Dorillo Basi may program man ni sila nga repainting – wala ta kabalo siguro nami man nga i verify anay.
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Delicia Gaje St Denis HALLO !!! kon wala kamo na namian sang mga kalsada sa campus nga lubak lubakon, ti, pokpokon na lang kag himuon “cobbled stones” ang iya itsura. nami pa pamatian……
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Dan Dorillo Nice suggestion Delicia Gaje St Denis very positive- daw sa Europe lang
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Joy Todesca Hi Dan ang repairs and repainting program ” nga basi waay ta kabalu” would have been better understood kun ginpublicize sang Admin. That’s I think are where all the hullabaloo comes from. We do have a PR dept and it would be prudent for them to bl
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Joy Todesca … To broadcast these plans to quell all these murmurings and complaints
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Joy Todesca There is an Alumni Association headed by and still participated in by distinguished alum as like Perl Gillergan and ManNg May Vail. They would be excellent and reputable conduits of information . I think what happened is pamatyag sang iban daw waay gina sapak ang ila observations which I think are legit. They love and care about CPU passionately that’s why.
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Dan Dorillo Good points there Joy – at least you have suggestions which may eventually reach the persons concerned. We know that a number of well-meaning alumni have embarked on some positive actions to be part of the solution – all for the love of Central. For ex…See More
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TellyDaday Valcarcel I concur with Dan Dorillo.
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Lester Edwin J Ruiz I can echo Dan Dorillo’s sentiments about the “constructive” alums. They certainly deserve praise and recognition. At the same time, I think it is important to remind ourselves that there are many ways of serving one’s Alma Mater.

Some share their influence, some share their expertise, some share their criticisms (this, too, is a gift) some pray for the school and its leadership. At Oral Roberts University, for example, prayer is considered an important gift to the university.

Some give money to the university—that is a gift, too but withholding financial gifts to the university is also a gift to the university–a reminder that money is not the norm for giving.

Passion for the ideals of CPU is also a gift. I wish the university would show equal appreciation for the many different gifts that its alumni/ae, faculty, staff, students, share; and I wish we can all agree that monetizing joy, gratitude, hospitality, loyalty–is only one part of philanthropy.

To paraphrase Peter, Paul and Mary, “if being a ‘good Centralian’ was a thing that money could buy, then the rich would live, and the poor would die… all my trials, Lord, soon will be over.” Just think of how Jesus accepted, even praised, the widow’s mite, as well as the woman’s expensive perfume, or the fish and bread of the little boy.

Think of the (hidden) services rendered by those who make CPU’s mission livable–the ones who make sure there is food on the table, that the classrooms and grounds are clean and ready for the students… In other words, who share their labor, often without remuneration or often their labor that is undervalued (spiritually or materially).

I am sure all of us get the picture—its not rocket science!  All of us, without exception, have something of value to give to our beloved Alma Mater. And it is the wise and effective leadership that recognizes this historical fact.
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