Let’s Sing “CPU Forever” – Centennial Hymn of Central Philippine University

Who knows how to sing the Centennial Hymn of Central Philippine University, “CPU Forever”?

Composed by the late Mrs. Eleanor Ruth Buensuceso Fabula, “CPU Forever” should have been institutionalized as one of the Centralian songs that students and alumni all over the world must sing.

Do you know why?

The “Central, My Central” melody is an adaptation of the Thuringian folk song, “How Can I Leave Thee”

“CPU Forever” is fully a CENTRALIAN ORIGINAL that Centralians, Eleanor and her daughter, Roselyn Hope composed.

So let us celebrate and honor our uniqueness and originality through singing and living the song’s message.

It’s about time we value the foreign American Baptist missionaries who gifted us with self-determination.

Isn’t establishing ‘CPU Forever’ as a CPU song one proof of honoring the CPU forebears who desire to see Centralians manifesting their ingenuity?

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Composer/Arranger: Mrs. Eleanor Ruth B. Fabula
Lyricist: Roselyn Hope B. Fabula-Cabanos & Eleanor Ruth B. Fabula

Boundless is God’s grace on CPU forever.
You’ve soared high, reached far and wide to all the lands and seas;
May your name be revered by them who pass your gates,
‘Tis God’s anointing blessings that crown you with success.

Honored we shall be to bear the gold and blue,
To lift the standard, live our faith that all the world may see
God’s works through you, and all alumni true
Faithfully be spreading the truth that sets us free.

We thank the Lord for you, our Alma Mater true,
We learn to labor, seek God’s will His purpose to fulfill;
For God’s greatest glory, for God’s greatest glory,
Central Spirit share to EXCEL we dare
For God’s greatest glory!

PHOTO CREDIT: CPU by Jaiden Castillon Peñascosa

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