How the Gift of Wisdom Makes Leadership Attractive

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There are people who think that to be in a position of leadership; one has to have good education, preferably a doctorate, academic honors in college, no record of immorality, and a good following.

As far as standard qualifications are concerned, these would really place you in a managerial position. Above all else, to have an attractive leadership you must have the gift of wisdom.

Wisdom guides the leader to know what is right, true, and just

What great irony to know that after studying at prestigious universities of the world, gaining expertise in one’s chosen career, acquiring much knowledge, a leader flip-flops on discerning what is a very simple case of right and wrong, good and bad, just and unjust.

A leader who has wisdom is able to discern what is right, true, and just. He has that hindsight to check that the words and stories that come his way are either credible or mere gossips.

Wisdom directs the leader into correct discernment

Wisdom allows the leader to differentiate who among his subordinates are sincere and committed; who are glib talkers who wish to build up themselves through talking bad about other people.

When dishonesty and injustice pervades an organization, the real good and talented people lose zest in perpetuating whatever ideals or vision the organization has.

Without wisdom, a leader leads on mere trial and error bases and he is still learning from both good and bad decisions that he makes.

A leader will certainly bring about lackluster leadership if he cannot come up with wise decisions. What is sad, for every wrong decision the leader makes, there are people under him who suffer. The organization that he leads also downgrades.

Wisdom motivates and inspires

The leader who has no wisdom is easily persuaded to believe the story on first come first believe basis. He is inclined to appreciate fleeting traits because his eyes are veiled from discerning what is wise and right.

Basically, a leader who lacks wisdom would attract people who also lack wisdom, most of them have pleasing personalities but they do not have real goodness in their character.

The leader who is full of wisdom is a good motivator. He inspires people around him through his sound judgment, amiable personality, and encouraging word.

Most of all, the wisdom-filled leader has the uncanny ability to create a vision of the future; rally many people to work on the realization of that vision.

He exudes a very attractive leadership, so viral that one can’t help but be motivated and inspired to take part.

Wisdom is gift from God

It cannot be bought nor can you pretend to have it. Maybe you can feign knowledge, act as if you have good character, but you cannot make yourself believe that you have wisdom. The only way to have wisdom is to have a genuine relationship to the only wise God.

The leader who has wisdom freely enjoys his skillful application of Godly knowledge.

He exacts sincere loyalty and he is not insecure with his leadership even if he goes on a long Mediterranean vacation or spends some weeks driving through the interstate on an Edmonton Dodge.

He continues to inspire and motivate the people under him through his abundant use of common sense; making his leadership very attractive, shining, sterling and lasting.

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  1. Society is kinder to people with titles. Some people spend their lives collecting them. Basta pwede makabit, ipilit. Perhaps that is the easiest way to get into the different pedestals of the world. The thing is, most people with “titles” forget what matters most since they are so full of themselves. May tinapusan, pero wala pinanilagan. Wisdom, on the other hand is difficult to obtain. Indi na mabakal. Wala na siya automatically gaabot sa imo pagkuwa mo sang diploma. As you said pastor, it is a gift. What I am fairly sure of though, is this: Wisdom only comes to those who humble themselves to let the Lord set their paths straight. To those who lean not on their own understanding. With wisdom comes humility. There are humble people who are without wisdom. But wise people without humility – never.

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