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Rediscovering the Ilonggo Contribution to Social Work

By Edwin Lariza at Lariza.Website

As indicated in the previous post, the annual celebration of the social work week in the Philippines stemmed from the preparation for the Ruby Anniversary of the Social Work Law on June 19, 2005.

Months earlier, a series of joint meetings and regional consultations of social workers in Western Visayas were held in Iloilo City after the National Convention of two major social work organizations in the Philippines.

Both the Philippine Association of Social Workers, Inc. (PASWI) and National Association for Social Work Education, Inc. (NASWEI) emphasized the paradigm shift on policy advocacy during respective conventions.

Challenged, Ilonggo social workers exhaustively looked for ways and means in pooling resources to maximize the celebration for policy advocacy. Similarly, we committed to deliberately and systematically promote the Social Work profession and its significant role in effecting social transformation.

In the process, we found out that 2005 was the 40th year of the Social Work Law. Otherwise known as Republic Act 4373, the law was passed on June 19, 1965. However, it was noticed that the significance of the date of the passage of the Social Work Law had not been officially observed unlike other social welfare legislations which were passed even later. So, we thought of making the occasion a good opportunity to unite in promoting our profession through policy advocacy.

With such discovery, we were very excited to think of activities to maximize the celebration. We thought of coming up with a resolution requesting then Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to declare June 13-19 as Social Work Week in Western Visayas, as it would be within our area of work.

It gained strong support from other social work-led organizations and alliances in the region, as well as government officials and NGO leaders in the Regional Development Council. However, the Regional Development Council, which endorsed our resolution, opted for the national declaration as the Social Work Law is national in scope. Hence, the declaration should benefit other provinces in various regions.

Getting the clue from people in the authority, we informed both the national board of Philippine Association of Social Workers, Inc. (PASWI) and National Association of Social Work Education, Inc. (NASWEI) of this discovery and subsequent move to solicit support either thru endorsement of the resolution or making a national resolution related to the regional resolution.

While it failed to get the declaration from the Philippine President for some technicalities, the PASWI National called for the celebration nationwide. In Western Visayas, we succeeded in our advocacy as all provinces and major cities have institutionalized the celebration by respective resolutions/ordinances. Since then, while the degree and focus vary the event has been celebrated every year.

Later, in our research, we discovered that our initiative was just a continuation of the tradition of significant contribution of Ilonggo social workers in the history of the Social Work profession.
The first and foremost among Filipino social work pioneer is an Ilongga – Josefa Jara Martinez.

Martinez was the first executive secretary of the Associated Charities, considered to be the forerunner of social work in the Philippines. She was also the founder and first director of the first school of social work in the Philippines, now known as Philippine School of Social Work which was affiliated with the Philippine Women’s University. In 1978, she was awarded the Social Worker of the Year Award by the Professional Regulations Commissions.

Martinez was among the 7 pioneers that formed the first association of social workers in the Philippines. Joining her were two Ilongga social workers, namely: Carmen Montinola-Luz and Felicidad A. De Silva from Capiz.

Interestingly, the social worker –turned-senator, who authored the Social Work Law, had her roots in Iloilo City. Sen. Maria Kalaw- Katigbak, who held the distinction as the lone woman member of the Philippine Senate (1961 up to 1963), is a daughter of Pura Villanueva Kalaw, a renown Ilongga feminist/suffragist and writer. She organized the first ever feminist group in the Philippines, the Asociacion Feminista Ilonga.


Rediscovering the Ilonggo Contribution to Social Work by Rev. Edwin Lariza

For more information about the Social Work Week in Iloilo visit Lariza.Website or click on the link below:

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CPU Softball Team begins 59th National PRISAA conquest with 2 wins

By Mc Rliz Cloma
Photos by Kim Dela Cruz

CPU Softball Team swept all their opponents in 7-0 victory last 2011 National PRISAA at Zamboanga City.

Cebu City – Western Visayas Softball team started defending their National PRISAA champion crown they won last year by winning their first two games against the host team Region 7 on April 23, and Region 3 on April 24.

The WV Softball team, composed mainly of Central Philippine University Softball Varsity members and two players from St. Anthony College of Antique, showed their superiority by winning both games via the 15-Run Rule after the 3rd inning.

The defending champions while waiting for the opening parade to start

Next team the WV sofbelles will face is Region 11, their last game in their 4-team bracket. This will be played today, April 25th. The result of this game will determine the ranking for the crossover semi-finals on Thursday.

The teams from the other bracket are Regions 2, 10, 12, and last year’s 2nd place, CAR. Games are played at Labangon Elementary School, Cebu City. Experience, months of training and preparation have made the team united and committed to grab the championship again.

Kim de la Cruz is coach and mentor of the Western Visayas Softball Team.

Cebu is this year’s host of the 59th National PRISAA, which started April 23, 2012.

Let us cheer on athletes from Central Philippine University and Western Visayas PRISAA teams as they participate in the 59th National PRISAA.

Photo Credit: Kim Delacruz’s Photos, The Centralian Link