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Lirah Bermudez has the Heart of a Protégé Champion

With information from Lynna Joy Bermudez Cardinal

Lirah Bermudez has the heart of a champion. She hurdled successfully the first and second elimination nights with her amazing performances.

Lirah has taken consistently the center stage during the live gala performance on Sunday nights.

So far, Lirah has remained on top of the weekly Facebook polls. The FB fan pages that some fans built for her are filled with posts and comments from the growing fans of Lirah.


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Pop Sweetheart Lira is a Compassionate Protégé

Watching Lirah on Inside Protégé, interacting and relating with co-Protégé contestants, one could readily conclude that Lirah is not only out to win top places in the Protégé.

Lirah Bermudez is championing friendship inside Protégé. Her caring heart towards other Protégé aspirants shows the good inner character of Lirah.

Take time to watch the video of Lirah playing the piano and singing the song she wrote for Nomer. Wow…I’m amazed by what Lirah can do. Knowing how to play the guitar and piano at a young age despite the odds, Lirah has got the talent!

Have fun listening to Lirah giving advice to Nomer through a song… “…bata intindihin ang pag-aaral mo…huwag magpadala sa puso mo.”

Certainly, Lirah Bermudez has enthralled her admirers not only through her singing and playing instruments but also for her being compassionate. She makes effort to take care of a younger Protégé, helping him take his vitamins and prepare him to take a bath.

Last week, inside the Protégé quarters, amidst the conflicts that arose among the other Protégé aspirants, Lirah stayed cool. She’s everybody’s friend.

Lirah is very kind. Thus, Lirah’s behavior inside the Protégé quarters is also natural of her. She was seen in two occasions comforting co-Protégé who’s crying.

Many adored Pop Sweetheart Lirah for her being compassionate. With Lira showing grace under pressure, sharing friendliness and humility, she is showing what it means to have the heart of a champion.

The people’s support is overwhelming. She has already gained so many fans nationwide and all over the world.

See what the followers of Lirah Bermudez are doing to inspire her to always give the best performance.

Central Philippine University Blog

Central Philippine University BlogFor those who have not known yet, Lirah has Centralian roots…please click this link now==>KNOW LIRAH BERMUDEZ’S CENTRALIAN ROOTS.

See the video of Lirah’s 2nd elimination night performance. She performed “Don’t Speak”, the song that Claire de la Fuente picked for Lirah.

In this Halloween and All Saints’ Day seasons, let us keep on supporting Lirah Bermudez, she has the heart of a Protege champion.

Vote Pop Sweetheart LIRAH – Lirah Bermudez Shines in 1st Protege Live Gala Night

By Lynna Joy Bermudez Cardinal

LIRAH BERMUDEZ performed greatly in the FIRST PROTEGE LIVE GALA NIGHT on Sunday, October 16 at the SM Mall of Asia Centerstage. It was broadcast live via GMA 7 right after Kap’s Amazing Stories.

Among the Protege contestants, Lirah is the only protege who sings while playing an instrument, her guitar. She also can play the piano.

Central Philippine University

LIRAH LINN PAZ ENDRIGA BERMUDEZ of Panay, Capiz, is Mr. Janno Gibbs’ greatest contestant for GMA’s singing competition, named “PROTÉGÉ: THE BATTLE FOR THE BIG BREAK”.

At a young age, Lirah showed singing prowess and guitar playing skills. Through Protégé, she hopes to realize her greatest wish, to become a singing star at 13 years old.

This is a nationwide singing competition involving 10 mentors and the chosen 10 protégés that judges picked.

Judges chose Lirah Bermudez as the final protégée from Iloilo, besting two other Ilonggo region finalists. Now, she is competing with nine other protégé from different provinces or regions of the Philippines.

Her foremost desire why she joined the contest was to help her sick brother. Unfortunately, her brother died of brain tumor a month ago.

Despite the tragedy, Lirah Bermudez decided to continue competing as a tribute to her dear little brother.

Also, she sees the Protégé competition as venue to unfold and make known her singing potential. Lirah acknowledges that her singing prowess is a gift from God.

Bringing pride to Iloilo and Capiz, her hometown, Lirah is also raising the banner for Central Philippine University.

She came from a family of Centralians. Her mother, Del-rah May Endriga is a Centralian, an Alma Mater Awardee.

Her Centralian grandparents are Hector Bermudez (BSA), Evelyn Bermudez-Plappert (BSN), Eleanor Bermudez-Gange (BSN), Rolando Gange (BSME), Linnie Rose Alerta-Palabrica (BSE), Luz Perez-Alerta (BSN).

Her Endriga kin are also Centralians, grandparents: Deborah P. Endriga (BSC), Manuel E. Endriga (BSC), Teodoro E. Endriga (BSC), Andrea Endriga-Untal (BSEd); uncles: Demosthenes P. Endriga (BSHRM); cousin: Deana Rose G. Endriga (HS Student).

She is a proud niece to several Centralian uncles and aunts, namely: Darrell Palabrica (BSME), Lynna Joy Bermudez-Cardinal (BSCE), Joel Cardinal (BSEE), Lilybell Bermudez-Llavore (HS95), Donna Belle Palabrica (BSN), Leonilo Palabrica (BSA), Carmina Bactung-Palabrica (BSE), Dominique Endriga (BSE), Lobelyn Joan Bermudez (AB Psychology).

Her two cousins who studied at CPU are Stephanie Dawn Palabrica (BSN) and Jester Cardinal (BS IT student).

As Centralians, let us unite to help Lirah Bermudez meet her goal.

We can help Lirah by “liking” her Facebook page. Please click LIRAH BERMUDEZ and click the “LIKE” button.

Watch Lirah Bermudez sing with her mentor, Janno Gibbs.

Know more of Lirah Bermudez’s singing prowess through this video…