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Centralian invented Solar Night Light being used in typhoon-stricken areas

Solar Night Light by Silverio Navarro Jr.
Solar Night Light


Silver says:

It’s heart warming when I saw my invention being used to light up areas hit by Yolanda. Thanks to Shelter Foundation and TESDA for helping spread this technology.

It only started as a design challenge to light up at night the bottles on the roof that were promoted by Illac Diaz.

The design had to be simple using locally available parts and the device can be easily fabricated and repaired by local people.

After building the first prototypes, the interest to replicate this just spread like wildfire. Please sponsor the dissemination of the solar LED lamps to light up more lives. This is my contribution to humanity, galing sa Pinoy para sa mundo (from Filipinos for the world).

SOURCE: Facebook Wall of Silverio T. Navarro Jr.

Engr. Silverio T. Navarro Jr. graduated Electrical Engineering at CPU in 1989. During his student days, he designed the electronic bell of Central Philippine University that plays the Alma Mater song to signal the start/end of every class period.

For readers who might search in the Internet and read the article about the Solar Night Light being attributed to University of Sto. Tomas engineering students, here’s what Silver said:

“I taught the UST students how to build the solar LED lamps with an instruction manual and guided them to talk to TESDA to promote this nationwide. There are several parties claiming who started this but they know it was yours truly who designed and built the first prototype. It’s self glorification to fight for this claim, so I focus more in helping others benefit from this technology. Others will use this for financial gains with selfish ends, so be warned.”

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