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Distinguished Alumna Edith Dizon-Fitzsimmons Passes On at 91

CPU Blog got this message from Dizzy Dizon:


Hi, I am trying to get a link to inform CPU folks of the passing of Edith Dizon-Fitzsimmons, a CPU alumni and a past Dean of the CPU School of Music.

Her funeral service will be held on the 24th of March 2014, Wesley Uniting Church Shepparton Vic Australia.

If you need more information, please email me on: dizon@integconcepts.com


AUSTRALIA 2000   SG1931 45c Edith Dizon Fitzsimmons Music Teacher P14 x14 VFU

Edith Dizon-Fitzsimmons

CPU alumna and a past Dean of the CPU School of Music

Lifetime Achievement Award, Texas Woman’s University ’95

Senior Australian of the Year 2003

A face of courage  vision and hope - Edith Dizon Fitzsimmons

Click this link to read more >>A face of courage, vision and hope

A lifetime of work honored - Edith Dizon Fitzsimmons LINK

Edith Dizon~Fitzsimmons sky jump at 80 yrs. of age

Know more about Edith through Centralians who know her

Edith Dizon Fitzsimmons  Mauro's comment

Edith Dizon Fitzsimmons  Mauro's comment 2

Edith Dizon Fitzsimmons  May Vail Lee's comment

Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez – Australia Centralians raise funds for 7th CPUAA Global Reunion

Central Philippine University Blog

While Manny Pacquiao is getting ready, doing his daily boxing routines for the upcoming Nov. 12 fight against Juan Manuel Marquez, Centralians at Sydney are also preparing for their fund raising event through the Pacquiao-Marquez fight.

On 9-11 September 2012, the CPU Alumni Association – Australia Chapter will host the CPUAA 7th Global Reunion. The event will be held at Sydney, Australia. CPUAA – Australia Chapter is preparing actively for the CPUAA 7th Global Reunion at Sydney.

Led by CPUAA – Australia Chapter President Ismael Isidto, the group had already arranged the venues and accommodation for Centralians coming from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and other parts of the world.

Realizing the fund raising potential of a Manny Pacquiao fight, the CPUAA – Australia Chapter organized the live streaming of the Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez III on November 12 for Centralians and friends.

On the Sydney 2012 CPUAA 7th Global Reunion Facebook Group’s Wall CPUAA – Australia Chapter President Ismael Isidto announces:

“For the amount of $30/person, there will be a good variety of food which the group will cater for the guests who are going to watch the fight and overflowing FREE drinks will, likewise, be provided. T-shirts printed with Manny Pacquiao’s images will be printed and sold before and during the fight with a price tag of $30 apiece. Imported and made to order pa ang mga shirts amo na nga medyo mahal. In the same token, promotional T-shirts of the Wicked Cybercafe group led by our VP, Val Centeno, will be on sale with profits going to our Association’s coffers.”

Central Philippine University Blog

Feeling the enthusiasm and cooperation that officers and members of the CPUAA – Australia Chapter are showing for the CPUAA 7th Global Reunion, there’s no doubt that after the Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez fight on November 12, there will be two champions.

No, I’m not looking forward to another draw between Pacquiao and Marquez. I am confident that Manny Pacquiao will win again and defeat Juan Manuel Marquez. With Pacquiao’s victory comes the victory of the Central Spirit.

Congratulations CPUAA – Australia Chapter for keeping the Central Spirit aflame to the world in Sydney for the CPUAA 7th Global Reunion and beyond.

Central Philippine University Blog

Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the Pacquiao vs. Marquez III trailer.