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Magnitude 5 Earthquake Images through Centralian Photographer Cicero Omero II

Central Philippine University Blog

Central Philippine University Blog

Cicero Omero II took this pictures seconds after the shaking had stopped at 12:00 o’clock, February 6, 2012.

An earthquake of magnitude 5 struck Iloilo City sending people out on the streets for safety. Offices and schools closed temporarily. This includes our very own, Central Philippine University. The epicenter was located between Negros and Cebu with 6.9 Richter magnitude scale.

For more news about the earthquake please click on this link… Earthquake Iloilo City

More aftershocks were felt. Another was at about 7:48 PM on Amy Campos‘ watch, which according to her was longer than other aftershocks before it.

Jerry Bionat, Deputized Civil Defense Deputized Coordinator at PDRRMC Iloilo, expressed over Bombo Radyo that this was so far the strongest earthquake he experienced in his life.

Monitor earthquakes and aftershocks in the Philippines through this link… PHIVOCS LATEST EARTHQUAKE INFORMATION.

Here’s the news from The Philippine Star, February 7 editiong… 6.9 QUAKE KILLS 43