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Happy Birthday Dr. Juanito M. Acanto

Dr. Juanito M. Acanto CPU President

Let us celebrate and take time to remember Dr. Juanito M. Acanto on his birthday, 5 April 2013. He was CPU’s former president. He continues to help CPU as board of trustees. Who could ever forget his leadership, Christian ministry, friendship, wit, humor, and most of all, his passion for beautiful CPU.

Rinand Escuban

From Rinand Escuban and family:

Whenever the name Dr. Juanito Maca Acanto is mentioned several things come to my mind:

Central Philippine University, which he led with competence, respect and distinction for 12 years, as Acting President, 1996-1998, and as University President, 1998-2008; a public servant, whose unsullied integrity made him one of the most respected and trusted elected official in the Province of Iloilo; a trial lawyer, whose courtroom savvy and intellect were admired by the bench and the bar, and by his clients, many of whom are the poorest of the poor.

Beyond these, I know Dr. Acanto as the one who opened me the opportunity to serve CPU. He gave me his trust that motivated me to be excellent in my responsibilities.

He rewarded me with his confidence that allowed me to pursue programs for the good of the University. He taught me what it means to be a Centralian. He exemplified to me what service to Central Philippine University is all about.

Happy birthday Sir Juaning. My mentor. My friend. God bless you.

Central Philippine University

From Carmelle Frances Romero:

Ang indi ko gid malipatan abut Sir Juaning or Sir JMA is his way of making things light or mamag-an. While he is meticulous, he does not burden you with his presence.

Amo ina ang akon na appreciate sa iya; because of that mas na-challenge pa kami sa office to work harder and make sure that the trust he has given us is not in vain. And of course, who could forget his legendary humor? Incomparable!

Sir Juaning, you are a blessing. God bless you more.

Ps Charity Esmaya Alibogha

From Ps Charity Esmaya Alibogha:

Dr. Acanto has great influence in my career and I’m thankful to God for his life!

He has a positive attitude that motivated me to work harder. He reminded me to always wear a smile even if my heart is aching.

As a leader, he set the best example to put a smile on your face which brightens everyone he meets. You can always approach him without hesitations. He is a good listener and willing to help and give his full support. Everyone is important to him.

I didn’t expect that my professional growth and life’s journey would come this far after he said to me “Charity, you have to get out of your box!” I will never forget those words.. Those words that encouraged me to embrace and explore the world with dignity and responsibility. Every time he gives his advice he would tell me to look up to God and that he will also pray for me.

He is not only my great mentor but a great friend whom I can count on even if I don’t work for him anymore. Happy birthday my former boss, Sir Acanto!

CPU work student

From Sandy Lim:

During my first year sa CPU, permi ko na Makita si Sir Acanto nagalibot sa campus. Students greeted him with such a big smile. Nabatian ko permi sa ila, “Uy si Tay Juaning nag agi” and they will greet him “Good morning Sir”. And with a smile, mamangkot sya na “kamusta kamu?”.

That’s how he is, very approachable sa tanan.

For 4 years as a work student sa President office, nahibal-an ko na the reason ngaa damu gid nga tawu gapalangga sa iya, it is because Sir Acanto has a huge heart.

Kung pwede nya lang buligan ang tanan, giubra ya na. Personally, Sir, damu gid nga salamat sa tanan. You may not know it pero kung hindi dahil sa imu I won’t be able to reach my dreams.

Sir, as you celebrate your birthday today. I always wish you good health for you, Ma’am Ruth and your family.

You are always blessing and inspiration to us. May you continue to inspire other people Sir. Again, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Sir!

Central Philippine University – Find Her in This Video…

Is Central Philippine University an excellent university in Iloilo City?

Is Central Philippine University still an Iloilo City tourist destination?

I can’t help asking these questions after watching the “Livable Iloilo City” video several times trying to find any image of Central Philippine University.

Sad to note, there is none.

How could the producers miss taking footage of Central Philippine University, a University with more than 12,000 students?

Currently, the first and only university in the Philippines that is offering the B.S. Health, Fitness, Lifestyle Management and B.S. Packaging Engineering courses.

Maybe the producers went out looking for sponsors, invited CPU but maybe CPU did not respond positively for lack of budget?

Well, let me find some answers… meanwhile let me pray… God save Central Philippine University!

Share your thoughts by posting a comment. Thank you!

Encore…The 2011 Christ Emphasis Week and the University Church Praise and Worship Band

Christ Emphasis Week will never be complete without the support of praise and worship bands that enliven the convocations. Among the many bands that are participating every CEW season is the University Church Praise and Worship Band.

The University Church Praise and Worship Band took time to learn “Life Can Begin Again” so that they could lead the students in learning and singing the theme song. The Filamer Christian University Praise and Worship Band rendered the theme song on opening day convocation on July 18 only.

The 2011 Christ Emphasis Week at Central Philippine University has ended. The guest speakers have gone home, back to their respective mission field. Their task of sharing the Gospel of Christ is over, at least for the CPU’s CEW season.

As you listen to the UC Praise and Worship Band version of “Life Can Begin Again”, try to think about the many students who have found their new life in Christ. What would become of them?

Definitely, there are follow-up programs that will be implemented. Students must watch out for the schedules on the bulletin board or else visit the Office of the Chaplain.

Meet the University Church Praise and Worship Band

Central Philippine University

Central Philippine University

Song leader: Lovejoy Quimpo

Singers: Salem Agustin, Jazer Paul Galvez, Prime Guillermo, Hannah Ortega, Kristelle Joy Tamayo, Ruth Gallemit, Joshua John Gabilo, Keren Rose Hope Cabayao, Eunice Bascar, Joshua Tarasona, Uziel Joy Bartolome-Tapang, Jessalyn Fetalsana, Sweet Alquiza, Ruth Bajada, James Buenafe, Novesa Lasco

Guitars: Joshua Jireh Quimpo, John Noel Cabayao, Jireh John Galvez

Bass: Ronald Meciano

Keyboards: Jan Daveson Panogan

Drums: Filomeno Sonza Jr.

A Drummer’s Testimony

Central Philippine University

"I want to let others know how great our God is...by playing His music, His instruments, His drums..."

Known to me as Jojo, Engr. Filomeno Sonza, Jr. had played the drums with praise and worship bands since he was in high school. It is a blessing to see him now still giving lively drum beats with the University Church Praise and Worship Band.

I asked him why do you keep on playing with praise and worship bands, like the University Church Praise and Worship Band?

Jojo shares, “It’s the passion that I have for music, especially playing the drums and most of all I’m giving back the glory and honor to our Christ Jesus. These musical talents are not forever. He gave these for us to use not for our own praises but to glorify his Kingdom and his Name. As for me, I want to let others know how great our God is through playing His music, His instruments, His drums… God bless!” 🙂

Life Can Begin Again – Christ Emphasis Week Theme Song

Christ Emphasis Week

Verse 1

I want something real, not fancy words
I’m done with my false hope.
I want something whole, something pure
I’m tired of enslaving rules.


‘coz deep inside I’m broken, deep inside I’m weak.
The twist and turns of this life made me feel so down, oh down.


Show me your love Oh Jesus, teach me how to live for you.
Give me a sense of freedom, ‘coz nobody else will do.
I’ll take that zig zag, zig zag road if you’ll stay close with me.
This is the day, this is the hour to sing, life can begin again.

Verse 2

Having this clear night without stars is just like an illusion.
I want something fresh, simply new, somehow there’s something more than this.


‘coz deep inside I’m worn out, deep inside I’m dry.
I need your traveling grace now, Oh give me one more chance, just once more.


Christ Emphasis Week

Life Can Begin Again” is the theme song of the 2011 Christ Emphasis Week at Central Philippine University.

The composer, Pastor Joshua Zonita, is a graduate of the College of Theology, CPU. He is Chaplain of Filamer Christian University in Roxas City.

The Filamer Praise and Worship Band rendered “Life Can Begin Again” during the opening convocations of CEW.

For those who don’t know, Filamer Christian University is a sister-institution of CPU.

Christ Emphasis Week – What Do You Want Out of Life?

Christ Emphasis Week

It’s Christ Emphasis Week (CEW) again at Central Philippine University.

This year’s CEW theme is “What do you want out of life?”

The CEW text is in John 1:37-39.

Beginning July 18 until July 23, class periods are shortened to give time to the regular CEW convocations scheduled for elementary, high school, and college students.

Nelson Ayala and his team from the Agape Philippine-American Ministries composed this semester’s CEW speakers.

Just a reflection, if Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the LIFE, then the question is not only “What do I want out of life?”

It is more comforting and God-directed if we could also be asking and reflecting, “What does LIFE (Jesus Christ) want from me?”

Watch scenes from last year’s Christ Emphasis Week through the “Awakened!” video:

Students must get the best out of what CPU is offering…ATTEND THE CHRIST EMPHASIS WEEK!

A Successful Juan Story

Central Philippine University Blog

This is not the typical “Juan tamad” story we might have heard from our parents or yayas. The common Juan story relates to the Filipino’s laziness and usually ends in tragedy or humiliation of poor Juan.

The story of Juan F. Ancheta typifies the industrious and diligent Filipino who is hard working, God fearing and successful.

Juan F. Ancheta grew up in San Andres, a remote coastal town in Tablas Island, Romblon. Born on May 19, 1928 to a very poor family of eleven siblings, Juan struggled to live a hard life in their barrio.

Traditional farming and fishing were the town’s livelihood because machines were still unavailable and a luxury during those times. The way of life in the barrio raised him to develop a strong body structure and determined spirit.

He was graduating high school when he passed the test to be one of their town’s sanitary inspector. However, his conversion to Christ through an evangelization team from CPU changed everything. His commitment to follow Christ was so intense that after his baptism on April 2, 1950 he decided to go to CPU in May and took up the Theology course.

Work student days at CPU

During his beginning months at Central Philippine University, Juan recalled being rough in ways, clumsy and his physique gave the CPU community the impression of a rural boy. He had the feeling that he is not fit to work in a city church. However, his unorthodox qualities proved to be an asset because it helped him survived and overcome the difficulties of college life.

He was about to quit school after two to three months for lack of financial support. Determined to finish his schooling, he approached Dr. Joseph Howard, the dean of the seminary. He begged for any kind of work.

Juan’s first job was to varnish the newly acquired chairs in Johnson Hall. Next he was assigned the janitorial jobs in the elementary building, which was then made of lumber.

As a work student, he polished the floor, cleaned the toilets and mowed the lawn. In order to mow the lawn of Elementary School, he had to borrow the lawn mower of Rev. Ralph George, who lived in one of the mission houses. He did not mind being seen by the throng of students as he pushed the lawn mower. A town mate of his recalled that many times he heard Juan singing while scrubbing the floor. That town mate remembered sharing pandesal with Juan for some short respite.

Weekend pastoral work at Ito Baptist Church

After two months in school, he was given a weekend assignment in Ito Baptist Church, Cabatuan as part of seminary training. The place was a Huk area. (Huk is the short term for HukBaLaHap which stands for Hukbo ng Bayan laban sa mga Hapon, a guerilla group which fought the Japanese army but its ultra nationalist stand after the Liberation made it an anti-government group similar to the NPA of today.) The Huk was so strong in Ito but he managed to establish the presence of Christian ministry in that area.

Juan was assigned as weekend pastor but was not intimidated by rich people because he strongly believes that he is a minister of God. Juan shares, “I may be clumsy but it is the work of God and not mine. Why should I be ashamed?” Apprehensive of his safety, CPU decided to pull Juan out of the area. Shortly after, the Huk rebels overran Ito.

Finding a partner in life

He believes that to avoid any idea of misconduct you have to woe somebody outside of your parish. He was looking for a person who can help in the ministry, one who loves serving God and has a strong Christian character.

He found these qualities with Nellie a dedicated person, honest and very independent. She got the qualities that would enhance the ministry. Nellie also studied Theology. Juan and Nellie’s calling into the ministry runs parallel. Both of them were faced with good opportunities when they decided to enter the seminary.

Juan and Nellie got married on May 23, 1958 in a simple wedding at the Johnson Chapel. He was so poor that after the wedding, he could only afford ice cream for his guests.

He intended to bring his wife to his boarding house after the wedding but a fellow pastor secretly gave him P10.00 to spend for a night in a downtown hotel. At that time, a night’s lodge was only six pesos.

Juan and Nelly are blest with two son’s, Junell and Jorge.

Know how Dr. Johnny Ancheta achieved success…next post!

Experiencing the Big Kawa Hot Spa at Katahum Tibiao

The trek up and down the mountains to visit Tibiao’s popular Bugtong-Bato Falls and the muscular effort spent paddling the Kayak exhausted the G-Force.

Flord, General Manager of Tibiao Fish Spa and Katahum Tours had told the G-Force that the Big Kawa Hot Spa is designed to sooth the aching muscles and joints of the Katahum Tibiao revelers from Central Philippine University.

Central Philippine University

Trying to look confident that the firewood won't boil the water and cook May alive.

May, Joan, and Jonan who immersed themselves into the Big Kawa confirmed that Flord was right. The Big Kawa Hot Spa simmered down the tension that wrapped their being when they climbed the steep way to Bugtong-Bato and negotiated the foaming and gorging rapids of Tibiao.

Central Philippine University

Two heads are better than one...

Central Philippine University

Together we stand, divided we fall!

Central Philippine University

If not for the fact that the G-Force had to go home that afternoon to CPU, Iloilo City, they could have stayed longer and savor every bit of Katahum Tibiao.

Even if the G-Force’s visit to Tibiao was short, the trip was indeed great time for refreshing, bonding, and most of all, in awesome wonder of God’s creation.

Thank you Mayor Walden Lim and Flord for your hospitality.

Crista, Nica, Che, and the rest of the tour guides gang, blessings and more power to you all!

More photos…

Central Philippine University Central Philippine University

Kayaking at the Katahum Tibiao River Rapids

Central Philippine University

Cyrus at Kayak Inn

The G-Force, compose of some staff members of Central Philippine University, went on a two-day discovery 2011 at Tibiao, Antique on May 26 to 27.

Central Philippine University

Resting a bit before leaving Bugtong-Bato Falls to go back to Brgy. Tuno. The G-Force appreciates the presence of Flord (red shirt) and Krista (yellow shirt) who guided their trek.

Their second day at Tibiao was an intensive adventure day for them. Early morning, the G-Force went to witness the fisher folks bring in their catch from their Lambaklad nets. They had fun at Bugtong-Bato Falls. Read previous post, “Katahum Tibiao Tours – Lambaklad Fishing, Bugtong-Bato Falls, Kayak Adventures & Hot Bath

It was already noon time when the G-Force finished their trip from Bugtong-Bato. They proceeded to Kayak Inn, the venue for their next activity… Kayaking.

After a hearty lunch, three G-Force members don the kayaking attire. Cyrus decided to rest, while Jonan soothed his tired body at the Kawa hot bath.

Central Philippine University

Beneath the smiles of the G-Force Kayakers, a mix of excitement and eagerness pervaded their spirit. The walk to the training site added to the suspense.

Central Philippine University

Jones, Joan, and May were the three G-Force who went Kayaking.

Central Philippine University

The Kayak neophytes were brought to Grade 1 (still waters) for orientation and quick training.

Central Philippine University

Kayaking is a mix of paddling and balance, which May finally mastered.

Central Philippine University

It's easy to build confidence in the smooth water, what do you think Jones?

Central Philippine University

With great determination despite falling into the water once, Joan finally overcame her fear.

After the crash course, Jones shot the Tibiao River Rapids…finishing 12 Kayaking stations.

Central Philippine University

Central Philippine University

Watch out for more G-Force’s Katahum Tibaio Adventures…next post!

Katahum Tibiao Tours – Lambaklad Fishing, Bugtong-Bato Falls, Kayak Adventures & Hot Bath

Central Philippine University

It looks like the sea would not favor our chance to witness the Lambaklad fish haul.

Central Philippine University

Later, Flord sent Joan a message that they will proceed as planned. The G-Force cheered.

Sporadic heavy rains marked the whole night until early morning, which dampened the G-Force’s schedule to move out at 5:00 in the morning.

Central Philippine University

The G-Force was supposed to ride the bamboo raft with the fishermen but the big waves were too much for them.

They were set to go to Brgy. Malabor, two kilometers from Tibiao town, to witness the fishermen bring in their fish harvest.

About 12 fishermen riding on a wide bamboo raft braved the heavy waves, pulled the nets, and gathered the catch. Despite stormy weather, the Lambaklad nets yield 44 kilos of Bayang and several kilos of Bulaw.

Central Philippine University

Central Philippine University

Central Philippine University

Central Philippine University

G-Force bought two Bayangs; Flord gifted them with one. Each Bayang weighs 2.5 Kgm.

Central Philippine University

Proudly, showing their spoils. The banana is courtesy of Flord, a token from their family orchard. G-Force gave Flord some CPU tokens, their way of promoting CPU wherever they go.

Central Philippine University

The G-Force just marveled at Tibiao's verdant hills and vales. They had no idea what surprises awaited them at Bugtong Bato.

Bugtong-Bato Falls

From Brgy. Malabor, G-Force went back to town to have breakfast. They ate at Vbot’s Restaurant where they enjoyed sinabawan nga Tangigue, among other food.

They also requested Nang Vbot to fry the Bulaw that they bought from Malabor fisher folks. The G-Force brought packed lunch to Bugtong-Bato.

Central Philippine University

Taking a brief pause after climbing the first slope. The site is way up the mountains with Che (rightmost) and Crista (taking the photo) as their local guides.

Central Philippine University

Central Philippine University

Central Philippine University

Central Philippine University

Enjoying the best of times at Bugtong-Bato Falls.

Next…G-Force’s Kayak Adventure…hang on!

Katahum Tibiao Experience – Surf Watching, Spelunking & Tibiao Fish Spa

Central Philippine University

Taking a pose with the Tibiao Mayor, Hon. Walden M. Lim (center) during the G-Force's courtesy call.

The rain had stopped but the skies remained cloudy. It was already past 3:00 in the afternoon of May 26, 2011. Being Centralians, the G-Force took time to visit Mayor Walden Lim in his office upon arrival at Tibiao town.

Besides doing the customary courtesy call to the town leader of every place that the G-Force visits, it is also their pride and honor to meet a fellow-Centralian who is leading the progressive town of Tibiao.

Centrral Philippine University

We are here! Taking a photo with GM Flord at his Tibiao Fish Spa sign.

For them, it is great opportunity to hear and learn from Mayor Lim his vision and plans for his constituents. Thus, when Jones asked him what his priority project for the Tibiao people is, Mayor Lim replied quickly and without hesitation, “farm-to-market roads”.

Tiguis Beach

They thought their day tour would start the following day but Flord lost no time in inviting the group to visit some sites nearby. Thus, Flord guided the G-Force to Tiguis Beach.

Central Philippine University

Appreciating the panorama that Tiguis Beach gives

Central Philippine University

We negotiated steep slopes to reach Tibiao's popular seaside scene.

Central Philippine University

Tiguis Beach is not your typical swim and dive beach.

Central Philippine University

Tiguis Beach is one place to find peace by listening to the surf and learning from it.

Tibiao is definitely on her way to progress because Mayor Lim, Flord, and her constituents are listening and learning from nature. Thus, they reap nature’s bountiful gifts.

It is quite sad that there are leaders who neglect to listen to what nature and society are crying out because they are immersed with their pride and pretensions; leading themselves and their constituents towards self-destruction and hubris.

Central Philippine University

Don't leave Tiguis Beach without getting a picture with the 100-year-old Balete Tree.

Let’s go to Tiguis Beach and listen to the surf and get the message!

Spelunking at Manlamon Cave

Although it’s only about 5:00 PM, the dark cloudy sky and the scattered rain showers made it look like it was already dusk. This did not deter the G-Force to follow Flord to Manlamon Cave for some short spelunking adventure.

Flord shared that according to folklore, one could travel through Manlamon cave and be transported to a nearby island by saying a magic word. Along the way, the traveler will be served with good food, fruits, and everything that would make your travel so memorable and comfortable. What the magic word is, no one knows nor not one of the G-Force would like to know.

Central Philippine University

Life's challenges become light when we carry one another's burden.

Central Philippine University

Doing a pose that is fitted for billboard promotion at the mouth of Manlamon Cave.

Central Philippine University

Inside Manlamon's cavern

Central Philippine University

Jonan was glad to exit without a hitch.

The Taste of Tibiao Fish Spa

No, the G-Force did not eat fish but instead they let those special kind of fishes eat their dead skin, leaving the soft and smooth dermis of their feet. At the Tibiao Fish Spa, the client undergoes three stages of treatment. You start with stage one with those little fish doing some kind of “micro-ex-foliation” of your skin.

Central Philippine University

The G-Force at the Tibiao Fish SPA

Then you progress to stages 2 and 3 with the spa being managed by medium to large fishes. Oh boy, the G-Force cannot give an exact description of what they went through at the fish spa. You better come to Tibiao Fish Spa and experience it yourself.

Flord invited the G-Force to try the total Roman bath, a full-body fish treatment but nobody dared. For now, foot treatment was just enough.

Cenetral Philippine University

The G-Force at Stage 1

Central Philippine University

Getting used to the fish nibbles, the G-Force relaxed a bit at Stage 2.

Central Philippine University

Stage 3 gives a smooth finishing 'touch' to our skin.

Watch out for more Katahum Tibiao adventures…next blog post!