Half Moon Episodes

CPU Half-moon Drive

Every Centralian knows what and where Half Moon is at Central Philippine University.

Just to be clear, Half Moon could refer to either the drive, the shed, and the ground in front of Central Philippine University.

The Half Moon drive begins at Gate 2 and ends at Gate 3. Along the drive is the famous Half Moon shed where students, parents, and campus visitors sit and wait for their next class schedules. It is the favorite rendezvous point for students, Centralians and guests.

The Half Moon ground used to be Softball Game territory but is currently used as mini-soccer field for elementary and high school students. Notably, the alumni members of CPU Football prefers this smaller court than the large big field because of convenience.

Here at Central Philippine University Blog, Half Moon Episodes is the humor, wit, and stories that David Vaflor shares at the CPU World Foriks Association Yahoo Group.

Read, laugh, and enjoy Half Moon Episodes!

Watch out for the coming stories on this new page!


  1. i am tickled by the name “half moon”, as in half moon drive. brings back memories when we used to visit CPU as we are augustinians. maybe because at that time damu guid gwapa dira sa cpu kay sa st. agustin. now my friends will kill me if they knew i said this. thanks jonan!

    1. Thank you for dropping a note Freddy. Perhaps I could assume that one of the memories of half moon could be…may gwapa ikaw nga gf sa cpu…

  2. When i was still studying at the College of Engr’g , the shed (fronting NV Bldng ) at the Half Moon drive was been the “tambayan” of our group (APO). Mabuhay and CPU !

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