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CPU rules 48th Iloilo PRISAA

ILOILO PRISAA 2013 CHAMPION CPU High School Volleyball girls

Congratulations Central Philippine University for the outstanding performance in the 48th Iloilo PRISAA.

Team CPU championed 31 events.

CPU hosted the event held 20-30 November 2013.

See the Team CPU achievers and their respective events below.


ILOILO PRISAA 2013 CHAMPION CPU High School Volleyball girls

ILOILO PRISAA 2013 CHAMPION CPU High School Volleyball Girls

ILOILO PRISAA 2013 CHAMPION CPU Elementary Volleyball girls

ILOILO PRISAA 2013 CHAMPION CPU Elementary Volleyball Girls

ILOPRISAA 2013 CHAMPION CPU High School Volleyball Boys

ILOPRISAA 2013 CHAMPION CPU High School Volleyball Boys

The CPU Beach Volleyball HS girls won the championship.

The CPU Beach Volleyball HS girls won the championship.

Young champs! CPU Table Tennis Elementary Boys

Young champs! CPU Table Tennis Elementary Boys

Unbeatable CPU Table Tennis Women and Coach Francis Neil Jalando-on

Unbeatable CPU Table Tennis Women and Coach Francis Neil Jalando-on

CPU sports

Our present and future champions, CPU Volleyball Elementary Boys and Girls

[note note_color=”#fee746″ text_color=”#032b98″]Please support Team CPU who are participating in the WVPRISAA at San Jose, Antique on 8-13 January 2014.[/note]

Photo Credits: Dominique P. Endriga, Francis Neil Jalando-on


Central Philippine University Softball Team – Winning the 59th National PRISAA Gold

By Mc Rliz Cloma
Photos by Kim Dela Cruz

CPU Softball Team's tight defense in the last inning proved tough for Region 10.

On April 26 morning, the CPU-led Western Visayas team defeated CAR (Cordillera Administrative Region) 18-4. This victory earned them the championship game against Region 10 held in the afternoon.

Region 10 started the game strongly by scoring 4–0 runs in the first two innings but on the 3rd inning, Antonette Sacamay of Region 6 delivered Jeraldine Ayore home via “run batted in” (RBI).

And with runners on 1st and 2nd bases, Gulfan struck the lone homer of the game for 3 RBIs thereby leveling the game to 4 runs each.

Gaining momentum from that scoring spree, Region 6 used tricky offensive plays in the next three innings which enabled them to led 10–4 after the top of the 6th inning.

On the bottom of the 6th inning, Region 10 loaded all the bases and scored 2 quick runs on no outs, making the score 10-6.

Pitcher’s injury did not deter Region 6 to win

In that moment, Region 6 pitcher Donna Rose Gabayoyo, with two standing outs (SO) and 10 hits on 30 batters, requested for Penafiel to relieve her and end the game. She felt her pitching arm’s injured finger cannot contain the pressure anymore.

Taking advantage of the new pitcher, Region 10 pounced at will and scored 5 more runs, wresting the lead from Region 6 at 10–11 as they reached 7th inning.

Sensing that momentum is obviously on Region 10, before the last inning started, Kim Dela Cruz (head coach) challenged the Region 6 girls that God brought them together for this moment with their talents and for them to make good use of what God has gifted them.

Determined to win the championship, Region 6 showed heart and displayed aggressive and smart plays, producing 5 hits and 4 runs on 2 errors from Region 10.

Champions again! CPU Softball Team in jubilation after winning gold in the 59th National PRISAA held in Cebu City, 22-28 April 2012.

With the championship almost at hand, Penafiel and the team summoned all their strength, courage and talents to deliver three quick outs for Region 10.

Everyone cheered and celebrated when Ayore on 3rd base caught the line drive for the 3rd out. Championship score was 14 – 11 in favor of the defending champion, the Western Visayas PRISAA Softball Team.

The Awards

Apart from the championship, National PRISAA Softball gave individual awards to the following Region 6 players:

  • Most Home Runs – Cristine Sebuan
  • Most Steals and Best Pitcher – Jergen Penafiel
  • Most Valuable Player – Ma. Kristine Gulfan
  • Best Coach – Pastor Kim Dela Cruz

This year’s Western Visayas Team is composed of: Central Philippine University Team Captains Ma. Kristine Gulfan, Cristine Sebuan, Rhea Sevilla, and Ma. Dianne Treyes; Ma. Marriel Arnado, Jeraldine Ayore, Jane Daras, Clarisse Gaycel Dela Cruz, Donna Rose Gabayoyo, Hainee Dane Hernandez, Jergen Penafiel, Cecil Poblador, Antonette Sacamay, Herjea Faye Sinogbuhan; and, Ronieliza Hiponia and Michelle Soriano from St. Anthony’s College of Antique.

Coaching staff: Pastor Kim Dela Cruz – Head Coach; Pastor Mark Arliss Cloma – Assistant Coach; Jose “Julie” Hechanova – Pitching Coach; and, Jonathan Malunda – Conditioning Coach.

Central Philippine University-led WV Softball Team Strikes Gold Anew in 59th National PRISAA

By Mc Rliz Cloma
Photos by Kim Dela Cruz

CPU-led Western Visayas Softball team once again struck gold in the 59th National Private Schools Athletic Association Games held at Cebu City on April 22-28.

Composed of the Central Philippine University Softball Team core players, Western Visayas softball team defended successfully the championship they won last year in Zamboanga City.

Key to the softball team’s championship victory was defeating Region 10 in the final match on April 26 at Labangon Elementary School Softball Diamond.

Central Philippine University Blog

The champion team boarding a jeep to their game venue.

The win enabled the Western Visayas Soft belles to duplicate the feat they achieved in last year’s national PRISAA in Zamboanga City.

This was sweet victory for Region 6 (Western Visayas) after they hurdled two games from powerhouse teams.

On April 25, a loss from Region 11 posed a challenge to their championship campaign. Resolved to defend their golden crown, the CPU Softball Team recovered from their loss by beating CAR (Cordillera Administrative Region), Bracket B’s number 1 seed, in the crossover semi-finals.

Central Philippine University Blog

Central Philippine University Blog

Central Philippine University Blog

Winning the crossover semi-finals

With a 0–9 regulation loss against Region 11 in their bracket’s final game on April 25th, the Region 6 Softball team showed what a champion’s heart is made of. The Western Visayas team did not bring any emotional baggage from their previous regulation loss versus Region 11.

Showing brilliant strategy, playing good defense and tricky long and small ball offenses, Region 6 shocked CAR with 18-4 win in morning of April 26. CAR’s topping bracket B failed to weaken Region 6 determination to go for the gold. CAR softball team is last year’s national PRISAA runner up.

CPU Softball Team’s semi-final game with CAR softball team started slow until the 3rd inning. CAR had scored 4 runs against the lone Western Visayas home run courtesy of shortstop Cristine Sebuan.

Tightening defense, Region 6 held CAR scoreless in the 3rd inning until the game was over. Imposing different offensive strategies and almost perfect defense left CAR guessing Western Visayas softball team’s offensive plays in the remaining innings.

Central Philippine University’s Softball program and training proved effective during very tight innings and critical situations in the semi-final game. In the 6th inning, Region 6 scored 11 runs using bunts and medium ball placements.

Ma. Kristine Gulfan led Region 6 in the offensive end with 4 Runs-Batted-In (RBI) and the same number of hits. In the defensive side, pitcher Jergen Penafiel displayed maturity in delivering consistent pitches resulting to 6 standing outs in seven innings.

Beating and clobbering CAR softball team with overwhelming margin, Region 6 was headed to their second consecutive championship game against Region 10 in the afternoon of April 26.

Central Philippine University Blog

The champions relaxing under the tree shades while waiting for their next game.


Read how Central Philippine University Softball Team won the Championship in our next post!

CPU Softball Team begins 59th National PRISAA conquest with 2 wins

By Mc Rliz Cloma
Photos by Kim Dela Cruz

CPU Softball Team swept all their opponents in 7-0 victory last 2011 National PRISAA at Zamboanga City.

Cebu City – Western Visayas Softball team started defending their National PRISAA champion crown they won last year by winning their first two games against the host team Region 7 on April 23, and Region 3 on April 24.

The WV Softball team, composed mainly of Central Philippine University Softball Varsity members and two players from St. Anthony College of Antique, showed their superiority by winning both games via the 15-Run Rule after the 3rd inning.

The defending champions while waiting for the opening parade to start

Next team the WV sofbelles will face is Region 11, their last game in their 4-team bracket. This will be played today, April 25th. The result of this game will determine the ranking for the crossover semi-finals on Thursday.

The teams from the other bracket are Regions 2, 10, 12, and last year’s 2nd place, CAR. Games are played at Labangon Elementary School, Cebu City. Experience, months of training and preparation have made the team united and committed to grab the championship again.

Kim de la Cruz is coach and mentor of the Western Visayas Softball Team.

Cebu is this year’s host of the 59th National PRISAA, which started April 23, 2012.

Let us cheer on athletes from Central Philippine University and Western Visayas PRISAA teams as they participate in the 59th National PRISAA.

Photo Credit: Kim Delacruz’s Photos, The Centralian Link

Central Philippine University Athletes Join 16th UniGames 2011 at Roxas City

Central Philippine University

We say our prayers and give our well wishes to the Central Philippine University athletes who are joining the 16th Unigames 2011 at Roxas City.

The 16th UniGames 2011 begins October 22-29 at Roxas City, where 2,000 athletes from 48 schools are expected to take part.

CPUR President Dofeliz expressed that it is the pleasure of the leadership to support Unigames athletes. He revealed that CPUR supported Unigames since last year.

Sports is one of the foci of CPUR programs and as such the CPUR leadership is giving their best support as they can. He believes that when CPU athletes win medals in Unigames it becomes a good medium for recruitment.

CPUR Pres. “Big Man” Dofeliz mentioned that there are 70-80 athletes of CPU who will see action at the 16th UniGames 2011. He shared that he learned that some teams, like the CPU Basketball team, are not participating for lack of budget.

Watch the video clip below and see how exciting Unigames could be!