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Salute to a Brave Centralian – Lt. Roger Flores

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We learned from Roger’s former professor, Engr. Lizette Ivy Catadman-Pascual that the military officer who perished is the brave Centralian 1st Lt. Roger Flores.

Let us also salute the six soldiers who gave their lives together with Lt. Flores. Pray for comfort and peace for their families.



“sa Force Reconnaissance Company ako na assign, jm and we are station here in Sulu. God bless, bro. halong man.”

“I will always remember the trust and confidence that you are giving to us. AFP needs that. Salamat, jm.”

I never knew that this would be the last words I would be hearing from you in our chat in FB pre, and even in those words I can always hear the idealism that you have carried since our college days sa engineering. Some might have scoffed at your idealistic nature and you may have made a few enemies during our time but what always struck me most was how you lived up to your ideals and morals even if it meant standing against the crowd.

Centralian, former Koalisyon, PMAer, Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines awardee, studied in prestigious US military schools, Special Forces officer of Marines Force Recon, you had a bright future ahead of you bro, and i always joked that someday not only you’d be a general, but a leader of the AFP and will lead the change that will rid the system of its perceived corruption.

But now, the Abu Sayyaf has taken you away from all of us. I am still shocked because I wanted you to become a leader someday, one that will help change the system and revolutionize our armed forces. I knew in our conversations that you are capable of doing that. But sadly, your time has come and though we do not know why, maybe God needs more soldiers up there.

thank you gid for the sacrifice pre! Up to your dying breath you lived your ideals, that is sacrificing everything for our motherland. You are a HERO in my book even then, more so now that you have become a martyr to the democracy we all enjoy now. Anyone who has shed their blood for the country will forever be remembered as a hero to the nation no matter what he has done in his life.

Kasubo gid… your potential was limitless pre. I am shocked gid even now. grieving for the loss of one hero who could have been a great leader someday. Thank you gid for the ultimate sacrifice. Maybe it is so, that one either dies a hero, or lives long enough to become the villain. maybe that held true in your case, I do not know, but all I know is that your potential was limitless.

SEMPER FI, Soldier! rest in peace, Lieutenant Roger Flores!!! 😦 😦 😦
(Philippine Marines-Force Recon, K.I.A., Patikul, Sulu, Mindanao. 19 June 2014)


We will miss you brother. It’s hard to believe that you’re gone. Let me share a little something about you that I came to know last 2009 only:

Roger Flores was born a fighter. He was not as fortunate in terms of finances than most. He have to fight his way up in life to survive, get an Engineering Degree and find his way to PMA.

Upon Roger’s graduation not all of his batch mates knew that he was a PMA topnotcher (including me). We met that same year and he never said anything about his achievement, typical Roger always humble and mysterious. We just had a simple chat of hi-hello-how-are-you, after that we parted ways.

Months after that, friends started talking about him as his life was featured in a TV if I’m not mistaken by WISH KO LANG (I’m not sure). It was a shocking revelation to most, yet he endured all the trials life can throw his way.

He never complained and fought fair and square. His dream was always to become a soldier and fight for what he believe is right and his ideals. KUDOS brother! Not all can do what you have done and not all can endure what you endured! KUDOS!

God Bless your family brother. May God give them comfort and may He touch the hearts of the AFP higher ups to give what is due to you and your family. I think you don’t deserve that death but God has a plan and God has already called you home. Rest in peace brother. God bless your family.


I met him when I was congressman and he was senator of CPU Republic. He encouraged me to apply for Ayala Young Leaders as he had been part of it. Every time we meet he never failed to encourage me to excel in extra-curricular activities.

Kasubo man nga sa kataas sang handum kag sa katadlong sang dalan nadula kana. Rest assured you have left a good example for us.

Your body may have died but your ideals live in our hearts!


Gone too soon…

It’s very strange how someone with so much potential … So much deserving to reach his dreams is taken away from this cruel world.

May God envelope his family in His comforting embrace, let them know that Roger is with Him… because he was a faithful Christian.

I could only claim to be his personal acquaintance, he calls me manang… We only spoke a few times but in those conversations I know how mature he was.

He wants to be better, without compromising what is right. Integrity despite challenging circumstances, Dignity despite being less privileged, and Humble despite his accomplishments.

Rest in Peace.


You were like a son to me and my family, Lt! Your name became a household echo to our ears as you were a close mistah to my son. A bunkmate, Coy mate (Foxtrot) to 1Lt Abner Trust B Nacion PAF of the 15th Strike Wing, PAF who went missing for a year when he and his PIC (pilot in command) Maj Jonathan Ybanez PAF crashed off Palawan island on 23 June 2013 and your mistah was recovered last 6 June 2014.

Life to both of you was so short, swift and secret. Your dreams and goals never ushered you to your distant future with glory and glitters but instead they have perished with you along the way. However, your ideals, visions and values as officers and gentlemen in the Armed Forces of the Philippines left us behind a legacy of steadfast spirit amidst pains and challenges to move on and traverse this life with the same gallantry of selfless devotion to duty and honor whichyou have shown.

Lt, like our son Abner, your ‘bok’, we will miss you so much. Your profession was more than a choice for it was a calling which our Almighty God had assigned to you in which case you hearkened unto; more than an option to serve for you offered it as a living sacrifice to God and country. You lived a life that was full and meaningful. And you died not in vain for our Filipino people are worth dying for. Therefore, there is nothing that we could ask for more from you for your life was measured not in terms of quantity but by quality.

My big snappy salute!