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Switching on of Lights and Music of Hope @ Central

CPU Switching on of Lights 2013 (7)

Central Philippine University held the annual Switching on of Lights and Music of Hope on 6 December 2013.

Here are some highlights of the event through the camera lens of alumnus and photo-artist, Reginald L. Harder.

CPU Switching on of Lights 2013 (1)

CPU Switching on of Lights 2013 (2)

CPU Switching on of Lights 2013 (5)

CPU Switching on of Lights 2013 (12)

CPU Switching on of Lights 2013 (8)

CPU Switching on of Lights 2013 (6)

CPU Switching on of Lights 2013 (10)

CPU Switching on of Lights 2013 (3)

CPU Switching on of Lights 2013 (11)

CPU Switching on of Lights 2013 (4)

CPU Switching on of Lights 2013 (7)

CPU, Department of Agriculture hold 3rd Regional Organic Trade Exhibits and Seminar

CPU Agri Fair 2013 (800x299)

The Department of Agriculture Region 6 in cooperation with Central Philippine University invites you to its 3rd Organic Agri Trade Exhibits and Seminar on November 11-15, 2013 at CPU with the theme: “Mainstreaming Organic Agriculture in Agribusiness”.

The DA-CPU Trade fair and Seminar started three years ago to enable the organic farming industry, and all others interested in organic farming, to participate in research and education relevant to organic and bio-dynamic management systems.

The annual event will be attended by agri-entrepreneurs, technicians and farmers.

Your participation in the exhibits, seminar and sponsorship will help accelerate the development of organic farming practices within the region, thereby reinforcing the long-term sustainability of the Philippines food production systems.


Photo and Information Source: Agri Fair 2013 Website and Jones Somosierra

1986 EDSA People Power Revolution in the Philippines – What do you think?

Central Philippine University Blog

After watching this video, I could only nod, smile, and chuckle.

Ano sa tingin at palagay nyo?

Ano sa inyo nga paglantaw?

Important Thoughts on the Original People Power Revolution 26th Anniversary

By Atty. Rodolfo V. Cabado

Good morning, Philippines! Good day, world! Today is the 26th anniversary of the original 1986 People Power Revolution, the culmination of long years of living dangerously when the victims, the powerless, the fearful and all those who felt they counted for nothing at all came together to boot the overstaying tenant out of Malacanang and shoo him out of the country like a fly who was fortunate enough not to be squashed with fly swat.

I avoided saying ” EDSA I” for good reason. What happened between February 22 and 25 of 1986 – surreptitiously at first among the coup conspirators which erupted later into a stalemate between force and faith along that stretch of Highway 54 (renamed Epifanio de los Santos Avenue) – was just the tipping point of a war of resistance that was not at all just about Ninoy or Cory Aquino or Doy Laurel or Cardinal Sin or Johnny Enrile or Eddie Ramos or Gringo Honasan but about you and me and the people we love and care about.

It happened not just on EDSA but all over the Philippines. It happened in all provincial capitals and chartered cities. It happened in schools, churches and farms. It happened too in Hacienda Luisita although it was not just about Hacienda Luisita or somebody’s else’s backyard vegetable plot. It was a war of resistance going back to Lapu-Lapu through all the revolts and rebellions reduced to the footnotes of our colonial history and finally erupting in the Philippine Revolution of 1896 and the establishment of the Republic of the Philippines in 1898 – the first ever in Asia – but which was subverted by “the Mighty and Humane North American Nation” which proceeded to decimate our population through the Philippine-American War from 1899 to 1902.

We commemorate this day as another milestone in our unceasing and unwavering struggle for nationhood, national identity, true independence, true sovereignty, and equal justice and opportunity for all.

If we commemorate this day with only Cory and Ninoy in mind, then we betray the memory of all the countless other martyrs – many who are still nameless – who made this day possible for Ninoy to be remembered as a hero and for Cory to become President and, posthumously, even a candidate for canonization.

Again, I say, this day is about all of us – the student and the soldier, the salesgirl and the seaman, the doctor and the domestic helper, the farmer and the financier, the laborer and the legislator, the actor and the accountant, the priest and the prostitute, the teacher and the technocrat, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful and all those in-between who have affirmed to the deepest core of their beings that they are Filipinos and have committed their hearts and souls, promised their present and their future, and heartily put on the block their lives, their liberty and even their loves that this nation might survive, and live, and prosper.

February 6 Earthquake in the Philippines – More Updates

More earthquake aftermath images shared by Natie Degayo Montelibano on Facebook.

Central Philippine University Blog

With several aftershocks of not less than Magnitude 5, we who are from faraway could only pray for everyone that nothing more would happen.

These are photos of Guihulngan, Negros Oriental, Philippines after the quake hit the area.

Central Philippine University Blog

Randy Anthony Pabulayan shares some earthquake data from U.S. Geological Survey:

“Main tremor was at 11:49 AM (PST) February 6 at intensity 6.7, epicenter is 72 KM N of Dumaguete City, 74 KM WNW of Tagbilaran City and WSW 80 KM of Cebu City.”

“1st aftershock 12:03 PM (PST) at intensity 4.8, 2nd aftershock 12:20 PM (PST) at intensity 5.6, 3rd aftershock 6:10 PM (PST) at intensity 6, 4th aftershock 7:33 PM (PST) at intensity 5.8, 5th aftershock 7:40 PM (PST) at intensity 6. Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) released a tsunami warning but at very low level.”

Below are the news (as of February 7, 2012) on the earthquake that rocked Negros, Cebu, Iloilo City and nearby provinces on February 6, 2012.


Quake Jolts Visayas


Quake kills 52 in Negros Oriental


Magnitude 5 Earthquake Images through Centralian Photographer Cicero Omero II

Central Philippine University Blog

Central Philippine University Blog

Cicero Omero II took this pictures seconds after the shaking had stopped at 12:00 o’clock, February 6, 2012.

An earthquake of magnitude 5 struck Iloilo City sending people out on the streets for safety. Offices and schools closed temporarily. This includes our very own, Central Philippine University. The epicenter was located between Negros and Cebu with 6.9 Richter magnitude scale.

For more news about the earthquake please click on this link… Earthquake Iloilo City

More aftershocks were felt. Another was at about 7:48 PM on Amy Campos‘ watch, which according to her was longer than other aftershocks before it.

Jerry Bionat, Deputized Civil Defense Deputized Coordinator at PDRRMC Iloilo, expressed over Bombo Radyo that this was so far the strongest earthquake he experienced in his life.

Monitor earthquakes and aftershocks in the Philippines through this link… PHIVOCS LATEST EARTHQUAKE INFORMATION.

Here’s the news from The Philippine Star, February 7 editiong… 6.9 QUAKE KILLS 43

Central Philippine University Blog – A Merry Little Christmas

Let the Christmas season remind us of our HOPE, PEACE, JOY, and LOVE in Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All!

PHOTO CREDIT: All photos used here are owned by Filomeno Sonza Jr.


Vote Pop Sweetheart LIRAH – Lirah Bermudez Shines in 1st Protege Live Gala Night

By Lynna Joy Bermudez Cardinal

LIRAH BERMUDEZ performed greatly in the FIRST PROTEGE LIVE GALA NIGHT on Sunday, October 16 at the SM Mall of Asia Centerstage. It was broadcast live via GMA 7 right after Kap’s Amazing Stories.

Among the Protege contestants, Lirah is the only protege who sings while playing an instrument, her guitar. She also can play the piano.

Central Philippine University

LIRAH LINN PAZ ENDRIGA BERMUDEZ of Panay, Capiz, is Mr. Janno Gibbs’ greatest contestant for GMA’s singing competition, named “PROTÉGÉ: THE BATTLE FOR THE BIG BREAK”.

At a young age, Lirah showed singing prowess and guitar playing skills. Through Protégé, she hopes to realize her greatest wish, to become a singing star at 13 years old.

This is a nationwide singing competition involving 10 mentors and the chosen 10 protégés that judges picked.

Judges chose Lirah Bermudez as the final protégée from Iloilo, besting two other Ilonggo region finalists. Now, she is competing with nine other protégé from different provinces or regions of the Philippines.

Her foremost desire why she joined the contest was to help her sick brother. Unfortunately, her brother died of brain tumor a month ago.

Despite the tragedy, Lirah Bermudez decided to continue competing as a tribute to her dear little brother.

Also, she sees the Protégé competition as venue to unfold and make known her singing potential. Lirah acknowledges that her singing prowess is a gift from God.

Bringing pride to Iloilo and Capiz, her hometown, Lirah is also raising the banner for Central Philippine University.

She came from a family of Centralians. Her mother, Del-rah May Endriga is a Centralian, an Alma Mater Awardee.

Her Centralian grandparents are Hector Bermudez (BSA), Evelyn Bermudez-Plappert (BSN), Eleanor Bermudez-Gange (BSN), Rolando Gange (BSME), Linnie Rose Alerta-Palabrica (BSE), Luz Perez-Alerta (BSN).

Her Endriga kin are also Centralians, grandparents: Deborah P. Endriga (BSC), Manuel E. Endriga (BSC), Teodoro E. Endriga (BSC), Andrea Endriga-Untal (BSEd); uncles: Demosthenes P. Endriga (BSHRM); cousin: Deana Rose G. Endriga (HS Student).

She is a proud niece to several Centralian uncles and aunts, namely: Darrell Palabrica (BSME), Lynna Joy Bermudez-Cardinal (BSCE), Joel Cardinal (BSEE), Lilybell Bermudez-Llavore (HS95), Donna Belle Palabrica (BSN), Leonilo Palabrica (BSA), Carmina Bactung-Palabrica (BSE), Dominique Endriga (BSE), Lobelyn Joan Bermudez (AB Psychology).

Her two cousins who studied at CPU are Stephanie Dawn Palabrica (BSN) and Jester Cardinal (BS IT student).

As Centralians, let us unite to help Lirah Bermudez meet her goal.

We can help Lirah by “liking” her Facebook page. Please click LIRAH BERMUDEZ and click the “LIKE” button.

Watch Lirah Bermudez sing with her mentor, Janno Gibbs.

Know more of Lirah Bermudez’s singing prowess through this video…

Tibiao Fish Spa Mobile joins U-Day 2011

Central Philippine University Blog

Central Philippine University Blog U-Day 2011

Central Philippine University Blog

Tibiao Fish Spa Mobile is joining the 2011 Central Philippine University Day celebration.

Starting August 22, Tibiao Fish Spa Mobile opened at their spot at the Half-Moon Drive Shed.

Give your feet a unique treatment at the Tibiao Fish Spa Mobile.

As soon as you dip your feet into the pool, the fishes will take charge. They will nibble and tickle your skin until your feet’s skin becomes soft and smooth.

Tibiao Fish Spa Mobile will stay at Central Philippine University until September 3 only. Take time to visit and relax at the Tibiao Fish Spa Mobile located at the Halfmoon Drive Shed.

Central Philippine University Blog

Make your 106th University Day celebration at CPU very unique and memorable by treating yourself at Tibiao Fish Spa Mobile, located at the CPU Halfmoon Drive Shed.

U-Day 2011

What do you want from life? – Christ Emphasis Week Update

Central Philippine University
Christ Emphasis Week

Christ Emphasis Week 2011

What a sight to see the students coming in groups, walking towards Rose Memorial Auditorium, University Church, and EMC Conference Room, to attend the Christ Emphasis Week convocations. Indeed, the students who received Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior in their hearts, whether they came forward or not, are now heaven’s treasure trove.

Christ Emphasis Week

Kevin "Kuya Kevin" Sanders

To give us a first hand peek of this week’s event, may I share with you Kuya Kevin’s blog about his recent Christ Emphasis Week experience. Kuya Kevin is Kevin Sanders, a Christian missionary based in Manila. It’s for the third time that Kevin has come to Central Philippine University as one of the CEW speakers.

Christ Emphasis Week

Christ Emphasis Week


Central Philippine University

The Closing Convocation at Rose Memorial Auditorium

Central Philippine University

The University Church Praise and Worship Band with Lovejoy Quimpo (leftmost) lead singing.

Central Philippine University

Central Philippine University

The University Church Praise and Worship Singers

Central Philippine University

Students always leave the convocations in high spirits. CEW is one event that every Centralian must experience.