central philippine university

We are Centralians who wish nothing else but the progress and development of our dear Alma Mater.

In as much as Central Philippine University lives with the vision of EXCEL or Exemplary Christian Education for Life, it is our aim to guard this sacred vision that CPU leaders have charted for the next hope of coming generations.

We believe that the CPU campus is not confined within the 24-hectare area that encompasses this prestigious university. She is not even anymore just one of Iloilo universities nor just a university in the Philippines. Central Philippine University is one of the top largest universities in the Philippines.

Centralians continue to EXCEL to the World, making CPU as indeed a universal academic institution. The world wide web has made it possible for all of us to communicate and interact in real time at any place.

Now that CPU alumni have excel to the world, living, working and achieving greatly, there are so much experiences and learning that has to be shared.

Dear CPU alumni, come and share your lifelong learning in the Central Philippine University Blog. Let us make the CPU Blog as our virtual campus where once again, Centralians could interact, fellowship, and learn from each other.



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