Is Central Philippine University Blog the Official Website of the University?


Below is the content of the email the CPU President sent to alumni leaders, which was shared at the Positively Centralian FB page.

To all alumni,

Please be informed that central Philippine university org is not the official website of the university. It is administered by a disgruntled former CPU employee who now lives in New Zealand.

The official website of CPU is Please relay this information to all alumni in your email list.

Thank you very much.

Ted Robles
CPU President


Offical CPU Blog image



To all alumni and friends of CPU,

What a surprise to read the CPU President’s email informing all alumni that is not the official website of CPU.

It should be obvious to anyone who carefully reads the CPU Blog, and we assume that the President carefully reads and knows the distinction between a website and a blog, that it has never claimed that it is the official website of CPU.

Moreover, from its very inception the site’s “About CPU Blog” has been very clear about its purpose.

So, is the official blog of CPU?

We are also quite confident that the bloggers and followers of CPU Blog are intelligent enough to know that it’s not.

It is sad that the CPU President’s disingenuous and gratuitous announcement fails to see that the blog has attracted a consistently wide readership reflecting the reality that alumni and friends are looking for information about their beloved CPU, and find the blog worth reading.

In fact, the blog contributes to the online promotion of CPU and is evidence of the love and commitment that its contributors and readers have for CPU and its core values.

Indeed, disagreement with the President’s own preferences and actions does not constitute disaffection, discontent, or disloyalty to CPU and its ideals.

Thank you very much for making CPU Blog your preferred site for updates, news, and information about CPU.

For the Central Spirit,

CPU Bloggers

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