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Let’s Hear Them – CPU Janitorial Work Students 2008 Mini-Documentary

This is a 10-minute documentary of the CPU work students that the Office of the President produced in 2007.

The work students who were interviewed in this video are probably professionals now and perhaps achieving well in their chosen careers.

May students and alumni draw inspiration from the lives of these work students.

CPU Tennis Courts – Donated by CPUAA Northeastern USA for a Good Cause

This is a short documentary of the CPU Tennis Courts, which construction was made possible through the donation of CPUAA Northeastern USA.

Now watch this video and you will learn there’s an existing Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between CPU and the CPUAA Northeastern USA chapter.

One of the major stipulations in the MOA is that income generated from the CPU Tennis Courts fees will be donated to the Work Students program, particularly God’s GRACE program.

Watch the two-minute video now.

We thank the CPUAA Northeastern USA for their generosity and support for the work students through the tennis courts they donated.

Now, knowing this fact about the CPU Tennis Courts, we are interested to know how far had CPU administered the stipulations of the MOA?

I guess the donors and alumni would be happy to know so that other Centralians will be inspired to donate for CPU.

By the way, this video was produced in 2007 and used as advertisement at CPU TV Channel with the goal of attracting tennis enthusiasts around Iloilo City.

Credit goes to Nygel Militado for shooting and editing the CPU Tennis Court Ad. Thanks to Carmelle Romero for the voice over.

Positively Centralians FB Page Issues “No Soliciting” Notice

Positively Centralians wants to focus on alumni connections and friendships the ‘gold and silver’

The missive is addressed to Gabriel Ortigoza who posted the solicitation letter of CPU for the 110th University Celebration.

In behalf of the Positively Centralians FB page admins, Margaret Dominado writes:

Dear Gabby Gabriel Ortigoza,

It has come to my attention that your previous post was deleted and our apology for not directly informing you the reason why.

I just re-read and reviewed your current post with some of the administrators. As much as we understand it is about giving and that we take your word for it that this is a neutral piece, we firmly believe that we should avoid an impression that Positively Centralians is a venue or means for solicitation (actual or implied).

We would like to focus on alumni connections and friendships as well as transparency and accountability.

Personally, I am turned off when an alumna connects with me and then later ask for donations then emphasized on giving as the main means in which I should express my love for CPU or for Christ and that I should donate because I owe CPU of what I have become now.

I feel manipulated into a guilt trip. I want to be a cheerful giver. More so, I want to connect with the alumni and my colleagues without any ulterior motive except being friends with them in a genuine way and not on the basis of how much she or I can give to whoever or whatever.

On the other hand, we are also aware that the 2016 Global Reunion preparation is on-going and solicitation for donations and contributions for the souvenir program has started.

Positively Centralians do not want to be part of the solicitation process.

The Global Reunion 2016 has its own Facebook account in which, ironically, some of your officers and members are blocked. I do not want to name names for I have not asked their permission as of this writing.

My point is that the Global Reunion 2016 site should be used for its own purpose and so should Positively Centralian. Having said this, we are not discouraging the alumni to patronize the 2016 Global reunion.

On the same breath, we respect the feelings and position of other Centralians who wanted have more fun and connection outside of the Federation and/or prefer to directly connect with CPUAAI.

In terms of giving, we have Positively Centralian members conducting medical missions and donating thousands of dollars to rebuilding the lives of Haiyan survivors.

We have a family (the wife is a CPU alumna) who donated an entire village (30 houses) for Gawad Kalinga.

These people refused to be acknowledged in the blog for they believe this is about generosity not publicity. Positively Centralians, after all, is not about donors and their donations.

Rest assured, your current post will not be deleted as we have made clear the position of Positively Centralians about money, or donations and friendship.

In behalf of the administrators, I would like to reiterate that we consider our friends as our gold and silver.

By establishing alumni connections, friend-to-friend, we are spreading the gold and silver. Please know you are one of them. Peace and joy to you and your family.

official website cpu blog


3 Important Ways CPU Blog Promotes Central Philippine University Online

Type “central philippine university” into the Google search box and you will get a list of websites that ranks for the keyword.

Refer to the screenshot of the search result below and you will see that CPU Blog (enscribed by a red rectangle) is no. 5 on the list. Please consider though that search engine results page may vary because of location, among other factors.

What makes CPU Blog’s listing on search engine unique from the rest?

CPU official website

Please have a look at the image above and read the description and you will see the difference.

NUMBER 1 – CPU Blog is the only website that advertises directly Central Philippine University.

The description says:

“Excel to the world in knowledge and faith. Enrol at Central Philippine University, Iloilo City, Philippines.”

Two short statements that present the university’s…

  1. vision of “EXCEL”;
  2. motto “scientia et fides” or “knowledge and faith”; and the
  3. the sales pitch “Enrol at Central Philippine University, Iloilo City, Philippines.

Centralians, please take note you can’t find the elements above in the description of other websites.

NUMBER 2 – Furthermore, CPU Blog promotes Central Philippine University through the call-to-action widget in the middle of its front page.

Study at Central Philippine Univeristy

NUMBER 3 – Lastly, click the “CONTACT CPU” tab at the top of the blog and it will redirect to the Central Philippine University official webpage.


Is Central Philippine University Blog the Official Website of the University?


Below is the content of the email the CPU President sent to alumni leaders, which was shared at the Positively Centralian FB page.

To all alumni,

Please be informed that central Philippine university org is not the official website of the university. It is administered by a disgruntled former CPU employee who now lives in New Zealand.

The official website of CPU is Please relay this information to all alumni in your email list.

Thank you very much.

Ted Robles
CPU President


Offical CPU Blog image



To all alumni and friends of CPU,

What a surprise to read the CPU President’s email informing all alumni that is not the official website of CPU.

It should be obvious to anyone who carefully reads the CPU Blog, and we assume that the President carefully reads and knows the distinction between a website and a blog, that it has never claimed that it is the official website of CPU.

Moreover, from its very inception the site’s “About CPU Blog” has been very clear about its purpose.

So, is the official blog of CPU?

We are also quite confident that the bloggers and followers of CPU Blog are intelligent enough to know that it’s not.

It is sad that the CPU President’s disingenuous and gratuitous announcement fails to see that the blog has attracted a consistently wide readership reflecting the reality that alumni and friends are looking for information about their beloved CPU, and find the blog worth reading.

In fact, the blog contributes to the online promotion of CPU and is evidence of the love and commitment that its contributors and readers have for CPU and its core values.

Indeed, disagreement with the President’s own preferences and actions does not constitute disaffection, discontent, or disloyalty to CPU and its ideals.

Thank you very much for making CPU Blog your preferred site for updates, news, and information about CPU.

For the Central Spirit,

CPU Bloggers

CPUFOAAI End of Term Report 2012-2014 by May Vail Lee

In response to the request of the immediate past CPUFOAAI president May Vail Lee that these documents be circulated among alumni, we have published these reports.

official website of cpu alumni

Revised Final 12-31-2014 End of Term Report 2013-2014

Below is the image of the first page of the report.

CLICK on the image to read the FULL REPORT in PDF Version.

official cpu website blog


Revised Final 12-31-2014 End of Term Report 2013-2014

CPUFOAAI President and Treasurer’s Report Sept 2012 – Dec 2014

Supporting Documents 2013-2014 P1-16

CLICK on the image below to read the report.

official website central philippine university