Remembering Ruth Ciriaco Corvera

The Centralian community is saddened by the passing of one of Centralian greats, Ruth Ciriaco Corvera.


Ruth C. Corvera, a graduate of the College of Theology with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Religious Education, cum laude, in 1954. She finished her Bachelor of Science in Social Work in 1977 and served as part-time faculty of the College of Theology.

She also taught in the Department of Social Work, and was field instructor and acting chairperson up to her retirement. She simultaneously served as director of the Katin-aran Center for 20 years. The Katin-aran Center is CPU’s outreach program serving 70 barangays in Iloilo and Antique.

In 1997, she initiated the Family Wellness Center of the College of Theology, and served as its consultant. She was a member of the CPU Board of Trustees from 1958 to 1968 and a recipient of the CPU Alumni Association Distinguished Centralian Award in Social Work and in Christian Ministry in 2003. (EXCERPTED FROM: CFLA: Peter Ardeño Corvera)

Through social media and blogs, we collated messages and thoughts about her, her memories and legacies from close friends, former students and colleagues in CPU and CPBC. Please read and be inspired of Ruth C. Corvera’s life.

NANI ARANETA DE LEON shares on her FB:

During her last visit to Iloilo, she called me up and requested me to visit her at Roselund where she stayed. In the span of my 2 hours visit, we talked about a lot of things but this story really stood out.

She told me that life wasn’t always that easy for her but that she is so thankful she is blessed with a son, a daughter-in-law and family who love her so much and who have provided every comfort for her aside from the medical aspect of life.

I will forever remember how her eyes lit up as she told me with great delight about her room. “I wish you and your Mom could visit & see it…”

She could not get over how blessed she is to have this beautiful room now that she is in her 80s. In their new home which she lovingly referred to as “Higher Ground,” she said that she could see the mountains & a beautiful sunrise each new day from her bedroom. One just marvels at a dazzling blend of oranges & pinks.

The perfect setting for one’s morning prayer or meditation. “It’s like a little glimpse of Heaven!” she exclaimed. “I am so looking forward to Heaven which I know will be more beautiful than this!”

Well Auntie Ruth…you closed your eyes and opened them to the loveliest sunrise of all. You have beauty all around you and celestial music for eternity. We bid not goodbye but we say “See you in the morning…”

EDWIN I. LARIZA writes in his 17 April 2014 blog post “Is suffering a virtue?

For I know very well Prof. Ruth Ciriaco Corvera. How she spent the best years of life on her passion for service as pastor and social worker. Either in church or community, she consistently espouses her development slogan- empower people to reach their full potential before God. I have been a witness to her irresistible commitment.

Nothing can stop her, not even problems, difficulties, illness, pains and sufferings. She has given all with seemingly nothing for her old age. Yet, at the age of 82, she was stricken with cancer. Now on the eighth year, six years of which were in stage-4, she continues to think of ways how she could be useful to others.

… Now, I realized my experience pales in comparison to hers. Her condition is even worse than mine. Yet, she still has the time to periodically call me and inspire me to hold on and go on with life and service.



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