Dean of Top Nursing School in the Philippines is a Centralian

Top Nursing School CPU
Dr. Rosanna Belo – Top Nursing School Dean

We read the news published on the Manila Bulletin “PH’s top nursing school still in Iloilo” and how we wished it was our beloved CPU.

Central Philippine University top nursing school

Then we gathered from social media through the “POSITIVELY CENTRALIAN FB Page” that the Dean of WVSU College of Nursing, Dr. Rosanna Belo is CPU BSN CLASS 1978 graduate.

Yes. The Dean of the top Nursing school in the country is graduate of Central Philippine University.

Margaret Rose Dominadao started the thread on the POSITIVELY CENTRALIAN FB Page:

KUDOS to Dean Rosanna Belo ( CPU BSN CLASS 78) for her outstanding performance in leading the WVSU College of Nursing….consistently 100% board rating plus topnotchers for many years now. The parents have spoken!

As a nurse educator myself, I always believe that the most important reward is when parents and students affirm that you have touched their lives. I have taught in WVSU a few years after graduation from CPU upon the recommendation of former Dean Natividad Caipang. Nursing schools in Iloilo used to get instructors from CPU.

Si Ma’am Caipang ang ila gina-tawgan kon kilanlan nila teacher and she would recruit her graduates. Those were the good old days, I guess. RosGrace Belo SO PROUD OF MY BFF!!! We share the passion and dedication for quality nursing education. POSITIVELY CENTRALIAN!!!

Read further information about Dean Belo through the responses at the FB page:

Centralian top nursing school

CPU top nursing school

cpu top nursing school

Please read Dean Belo’s responses on the FB thread and discover her outstanding quality as a leader. She’s posting as “RosGrace Belo”:


“There are people telling me to apply as Dean at CPU, and I have always been consistent with my answer. As long as the Dean is my former teacher, I will never compete because I am what I am today, because of my former teachers.”

What a wonderful statement of humility from the Dean of Philippine’s top Nursing school, Dr. Rosanna Belo.

Congratulations Centralian Rosanna Belo for your achievements!

By the way, the writer of the Manila Bulletin article, Tara Yap is also a Centralian.


This Letter Makes Me Wish He s CPU President

Being the pioneer of Nursing education in the Philippines, we are hoping CPU could bring back the old glory of 100 percent passing rate in the Nursing Licensure Exam.

Do you have some suggestions?


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