CPU, Chasing the Sun, Rebranding- My Thoughts

Joshua Misajon   LinkedIn I’m writing this note in response to the incident that took place in Iloilo, with my Alma Mater, the thoughts of the alumni, their reactions.

The urge to write this has been great so here it goes. Of course these are all in my opinion, but feel free to agree or disagree.

You know, at first I said to myself a party is something that’s a part of this age, this generation, and that students should know how to organize it, to utilize it as a medium for fund raising and of doing good.

But then I came to a conclusion as well that, while yes we need to adjust to the times, an event sponsored by CPU should still be in accordance with its vision and mission. We teach this in various leadership trainings where I’m connected. When we do programs or events, how is it in connection with the organization I am apart of?

I believe that CPU is not rebranding. It’s a simple case of,are we all on the same boat? Is top management cascading that yes, while times are changing we do need to adjust to the changes in society, but where do we set the limitations to this change?

I am for change. I embrace change and I believe that CPU should be moving forward in many aspects, its ideals and philosophies as well as opening up to more linkages more, schools of thought, opening up to more technology. But at the center of every activity are still EXCEL, and the mission statement. This should be strengthened.

How do we achieve those when the times are changing? It’s not 1905 anymore, not 1945, not 1970, not 1998 but 2014. Times ARE different, the youth’s attention is shifting. Central,how do we become relevant so that the students you have today can keep up with the top schools of the country while still keeping the branding of EXCEL.

I’m not saying that partying is bad. I’m a Centralian and I enjoy partying. I’ve partied in Manila, Iloilo, Bacolod, even Beijing and New York. I don’t think it has made me any less of a Centralian.

Excessive partying is bad. Getting Inebriated to a state where you’re unaware of your actions is bad. Losing all sense of sensibility and responsibility when partying/getting drunk is bad.

While I understand that to the youth today, partying is part of “growing up”, Central’s role to this thinking should be from another light.

The right questions we should be asking as Centralians are:

  • “Is partying the best way to show we are socially relevant in this age/century?”
  • “Are there other, more better ways to engage huge numbers of people? “How are we contributing to the development of the youth?”
  • “What are we doing to divert all the youthful energy from partying?”
  • “What difference can we make by getting the youth and the community more involved?”

That is the pro-active response I post as a challenge to Central. Christian teachings we preach at Central Philippine University should be supported with socially relevant actions to bridge the lack of information, the lack of actions and options to be taken by the younger generation.

This is not to limit creativity, freedom and growth, but to direct all energy towards the right direction, one worthy of the branding EXCEL.

Let the recent events be a wake up call. Not to play the blame game, or to say God is punishing us. That would be totally inaccurate.

Be it a wake up call that we can do so many more things with our youth, our energy. And we need a better definition and manifestation of being socially relevant.

My Condolences to the Family of the Victim.

Wake up Central, Wake Up.

About Josh Javier Misajon

  • Born and raised in Iloilo, City Philippines.
  • Adrenaline Junkie, Sports Enthusiast, Tennis Player
  • Marketing Professional
  • Adventure Blogging as a means of creative outlet and past time.
  • Into Nation Building and community service.
  • BSBA Marketing Management 2006 – Central Philippine University
  • CPU Republic President 2008-2009
  • Ayala Young Leader

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