Is Central Philippine University Rebranding?

[quote cite=”‘Rebranding’ – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia” url=””%5DRebranding is a marketing strategy in which a new name, term, symbol, design, or combination thereof is created for an established brand with the intention of developing a new, differentiated identity in the minds of consumers, investors, and competitors.[/quote]

To an alumnus living overseas, seeing these photos taken during the “Chasing the Sun Beach Party in the City” suggests that CPU might be rebranding…

Have a look at these photos and notice the use of “CPU” in the phrase “CPU Stolen Shots” or “CSS” at the bottom left of the photos.

As you take a look, try to relate the images with Central Philippine University’s vision and mission.

CPU Stolen Shots 1

Chasing the Sun CPU 7

Chasing the Sun CPU 1

Chasing the Sun CPU 2

Chasing the Sun CPU 3

Chasing the Sun CPU 6

Chasing the Sun CPU 5

Chasing the Sun CPU 4

The flyer below shows clearly that CPU was involved in the activity.

Chasing the Sun CPU 0

The party aftermath – One student died; one critical

CPU party ends in death

I pray that CPU isn’t rebranding and may our beloved Alma Mater remain true to her vision and mission forever.

Condolence to the family, classmates and friends of Mar Valentine Conejar. May the Lord God Almighty comfort everyone.


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45 responses to “Is Central Philippine University Rebranding?”

  1. Aurora Alerta Lim says :

    This is sad!

  2. Dece I. Leonares says :

    New Central spirit?

  3. bokswagen says :

    Is it true that this is a required school project?

  4. JM says :

    sad, heartbreaking, anger-inducing… it is a shame that CPU no longer has control on the morality of the activities its students conduct and participate in outside the campus. if CPU has high standards for moral living why is it that the CBA teachers allowed such an event to happen? i remember sang una, miske Battle of the Bands lang na event, we had a hard time getting approval because of the negative connotations to rock music. but look how times have changed now. i think it is time that CPU should re-assess itself and evaluate. this is like an orgiastic bacchanalia.

  5. JM says :

    if CPU’s mission and vision is to develop the character of its students in and outside of its hallowed halls, then seeing these images of how these students behave wildly outside the campus, it seems that CPU has somehow failed in some regard regarding this matter. i hope CPU does something about this, immediately. i love the University so much that it breaks my heart to see how its students behave nowadays, no restraint at all.

  6. Someone says :

    This is why i don’t trust this shiz, leash these wild dogs please CPU

  7. Noel says :

    people just talk and talk and talk. know the circumstances first before opening your mouth. with this unfortunate incident i am inclined to believe that this will be used by people who are disgruntled and have an ax to grind against CPU. by the way, i am not a centralian,

    • CPUDerecho says :

      Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons, (1 Timothy 4:1)

    • Anonymous says :

      i guess then that is why you do not understand why there is so much concern over these things sir, is because you are not a Centralian… God bless you na lang.

  8. Dyay Fernandez says :

    @JM: partying is amoral. getting electrocuted in a wet environment is stupidity.

  9. Dante H. Viado, Jr. says :

    And I was hoping that the same Central Spirit that I so treasured in molding me in my High School and College years could be passed on to my son someday when he attends school there in the near future. It is indeed very sad.

  10. heartseed478 says :

    SINtral spirit

  11. MOOOOOTTTT says :

    CTU: Central Tanduay University! party2x lang gna atupag nyo! abi pagtuon kmu!!!

    • Jaaaaaaassss says :

      I know MooooooTTTT you’re not a centralian that’s why you don’t know the real reason of that party! FYI! That party is part of the requirement/project of students.

  12. darrel says :

    Is this the only way students can think of raising funds or developing marketing strat? Or just going with the flow where youth now a days are becoming pleasure lovers? I don’t want to compare my alma mater to other schools, simply because each school has its uniqueness. I don’t want either to condemn! I just felt really sorry and indignant to the incident.

    Life is more than anything else. if the news is true wherein after the incident the party went on and it seemed nothing happen, then i could say something is fishy with the moral fiber of the students involved. How can they go on when on the spot, it snapped such precious life.

    This eventuality brought my beloved Alma Mater into serious situation and may be a wake up call to address the students’ character development. If not then, we may be ashamed of our founders, really ashamed! It seemed in more than a century of its existence recently problems evolved from different aspects and angles. This will not be a good sign, I think a downgrade to enterprise. My heart cries…what’s going on…

  13. Anonymous says :

    Partying is just normal with kids nowadays. You can’t easily remove that one…no matter how the school prevents it. It’s even considered a culture nowadays. But the thing here is using the school’s name for this event. Is this an official event of the school? If not, then they shouldn’t have used the school’s name. If yes, then CPU should take action for this one. Prior to organizing an event is ensuring the safety of the venue…and to think that this is a “wet party”, they should’ve made the double checking of live wirings as the top priority for this one. And as for the CPU stolen shots, they’re just a group of kids taking photos from CPU events. Try putting yourself in the CSS shoes, if you’ll see an event organized by CPU students (based from the posters), it’s just normal to take photos and such from the event isn’t it? Basically, they shouldn’t be bashed with this one.

    • CPUDerecho says :

      CPU Stolen Shots or CSS is credited for these photos and they should be credited more if they would voluntarily offer some ‘stolen shots’ of the tragic incident.

      As regards CSS as ‘bunch of kids taking photos…’, I assume that they are also trying to grow up by adopting some ethics and since, they carry the name “CPU” their ethics must be grounded on nothing else but CPU’s core values.

      I had a look at their FB page and I saw photos of students in their uninhibited moments like a student picking her nose. Maayo bala na nga i-post nila ang babaye nagapanghimung-it kag commentaran man sang mga viewers. If you were that student, how would you feel?

      I hope CSS admins adopt a very positive policy. They’ve started a good page, which I believe a great avenue for developing good values and learning they needed to succeed.

      Yes, they shouldn’t be bashed on this one but they should consider this advice. Seeing some of the photos they’re sharing on the CSS FB page that are eliciting comments that could be insulting and demeaning to the persons who are subjects of the photos, I must say they should evaluate for they might be treading the cyber bullying borderline. I hope our dear Alma Mater is monitoring the CSS pages.

      • Dyay Fernandez says :

        oh c’mon! grow up! our alma mater doesn’t have control with whatever is going on on facebook, does she? the page is full of candid shots. it won’t be “stolen” if it wasn’t candid. the pictures and the page is for entertainment only, now, if your definition of entertainment is limited to just the wholesome part, then i suggest you don’t view it.

    • Dyay Fernandez says :

      the event was outside of the school’s premises. i think cpu was just made a sponsor of the event. cpu doesn’t have the control of the safety and security of the event. it is the event grounds’ jurisdiction.

      • Anonymous says :

        School project daw sya eh, so may responsibilidad gihapon ang CPU sa natabo

      • erza says :

        wala sang responsibilidad ang CPU kay wala sang may ginpirmahan nga documents and CPU Admin/the president regarding sa event..

      • Judge says :

        Nabasa mo man ang CPU mission and vision? Disregarding the incident, do you think gin carry out sang event ang CPU mission and vision, or at least, is it moral?

  14. Inigo says :

    “The party continued as if nothing happened.”
    Now, that is disturbing. :/

  15. Roy Sorongon says :

    not good… not good at all!

  16. Butch Gemarino says :

    I think we need to go back and trace the route that led to this. Have we become decadent that we compromise the very values by which our dear Alma Mater has been founded?

  17. spyfrat says :

    dapat may ginasunod nga patakaran ang tanan kung ano ang pwede kag ano ang indi pwede sa pag gamit sang name sang CPU. kag sa mga future events or fund raisings sa sulod kag sa gwa of cpu may guidelines man para indi na mabutang sa ital ital ang tanan. sad nga natabo ini, pero ang kabuhi sang ng taliwan hindi na mabalik. we even forgot to even pray for his/her soul. sa kahakig ta sa natabo kag sa matawhon ta nga maayo kita sa tanan, we forgot how the family grieves sa pagkadula sang ila pinalangga, kag sa isa pa nga ara sa hospital. and yet we looked highly of CPU pero ano kita ya nga naga komentar lang? banat ta dayon komentar nga ang iban wala man derecho. God works in mysterious ways. Basi ining natabo wake up call gid man, indi laman sa aton istudyante kag eskwelahan, paninumdon man ini sa aton tanan kung ano kita. I sincerely offer a prayer sa nagtaliwan nga teenager, may God keep his or her soul. Sa ara sa ospital, kabay pa nga maayo sya dayon. God please comfort all the families concern, help them in their grief. In Jesus precious name. Amen.

  18. Iloilo Condominiums says :

    Students, in this case Centralians, deserve to have fun and “party” as long as they are bound by the limits of law and moral responsibility. The event in Plazuela is unfortunate but hopefully, young organizers of such events should learn from this.

  19. Brother Bear says :

    First and foremost, God Bless the family of the victims of this tragedy.
    I was an iconoclast and challenged much of CPU safety and security regulations back when I was still a student. This was during the time of Major Fructuoso (God Bless his soul) as the head of the Security when I submitted a proposal (that was before Typhoon Frank). The proposal was for hazard and disaster mitigation and preparedness of which is currently used by our Security Committee but I was not consulted.
    I went back to CPU soon after Typhoon Frank left the city of Iloilo. I became an Instructor after Frank because my paper survived the flooding. I was always present during events but when I submit reports of the lapses of safety regulations and hazards during those events it was unnoticed because I never was in a higher position nor a masters degree holder nor the politician type.
    I was laid off because of the retrenchment and now work as Disaster Risk Reduction Manager. I still go back to CPU during events and still there are many lapses and loop holes in management of events especially if events are held outside the vicinity of the campus.

  20. Arlene Truax says :

    We don’t have the facts. Students are free to have parties outside of CPU.When I was at CPU College of Nursing.Our Biology teacher asked us to collect species of Sea creatures. We went (Our class) on a field trip in Guimaras. While riding on a ferry boat we were enjoying and having fun on board.The water on the beach was clear blue and so inviting for a swim.Classmates started jumping on the clear water, we didn’t collect species at all as told by our teacher.We circum-navigated the whole island of Guimaras which we were not told to do-we instructed the driver of the ferry. We arrived in Iloilo port past 1 a;m.We found out that our parents were crying and were very scared-they thought something happened to us.Many parents kept calling the CPU President.He was alarmed and didn’t know what the class did.Next day there was a memorandum not to allow us students to go on field trips because the University is accountable what ever will happen to the students.Our class naga dinungol and we were enjoying ,having so much fun.It ‘s all our fault and our decision. CPU was blamed.

    • Anonymous says :

      the thing here is, because you were students of CPU, CPU still has a responsibility for your well-being, even outside the campus, because your field trip was part of your Class under the College of Nursing. that is why whatever students may commit UNDER the banner of CPU (field trips for schoolwork, parties as class projects) the University will still shoulder the blame because these things involve schoolwork. kaluluoy ang ngalan sang CPU sa mga kadungulan sang iya mga estudyante.

  21. cpu alumni also says :

    I was more saddened reading the comments. I am no fan of CPU but i dont think it deserves the bashing. I think no christian uni would teach you how to organize a party. If the photographer ever been to a party other than this, he would not be shocked that there would be booze served.

  22. Jazmin says :

    Kids party outside of CPU all the time. Alcohol is served most of the time. It is up to the kids to drink or not. CPU teaches about smoking and drinking but outside the CPU campus, the kids do what they want to do. CPU should be not be blamed for the “bad” behavior of the teenagers.Parents have a lot to do with their “kids”. Do not blame CPU.

    • Judge says :

      Yes, it’s their choice, but the party is an academic event not just an ordinary party. Every event and affairs of CPU academic or not should carry out its mission and vision, and that includes MORAL activities.

  23. Evelyn says :

    If only the university/professor did not allow this kind of requirement in one of their subjects in the college of business and accountancy for sure the chasing the sun party was not organized…damo pa man guro na project or means of fund raising activity nga not dangerous, at the same time we are not leading the young people to smoke and drink alcoholic drinks…and to become wild…party’s theme- “get wet and wild” what kind of young people the university wants to develop?

  24. Dyay Fernandez says :

    WOW! self righteousness everywhere! i do not condone teenage alcoholism. but my point is all about freewill. the values that these kids learn should start at home. not in schools. teachers teach, but parents should do moral parenting as well.

    so the issue that “the party continued even after the incident happened”. ok. what’s the point? so everything should stop to a grinding halt because of what happened? if the incident happened on stage, that could be a reason to stop the entire event. but, who knows? we do not have the first hand account as to what had happened! these are all assumptions. now, if the image of tanduay rhum, disco lights and people smoking cigarettes offend you, let me ask you this? have you gone out of your house lately? what’s different from the images you see on top to the images you see in your neighborhood? nothing! except this is an organized party in a decent location.

    basing on the pictures alone, we cannot conclude if the accident happened away from the stage.picture yourself in that scenario. do you think you’d be able to hear the ruckus while the blaring music is on? i think not. so please, enough with all the blaming on cpu and the organizers. that won’t raise the dead.

  25. Centralian says :

    It was a school project, with the go-ahead of the college and I assume the university. I’m a Centralian through and through, from kindergarten all the way to college. This is not the CPU that I used to know. Where is “Scientia et Fides” in all of this?

    As a supporting Centralian, this makes me very sad to say the least. I hope everyone involved has learned a lesson from this incident.

  26. Josh Misajon says :

    Hi fellow alumni, I wrote something on a note on Facebook and my blog, both of which are actually just thoughts and opinions. I too affected both as an individual, as a centralian and as a youth. I wrote this not to condemn any party, nor any individual, but as a call of action for future generations. I write this to so that it could serve as eye openers and paradigm shifters. I know there are people to be held liable, and there are things we need to be open about in responsible ways. But blaming and finding fault will never move us forward.

    My thoughts. Share it, comment, Like, Dislike.

    Again condolences to the family.

  27. anonymous says :

    just a heads up for everyone here… the one in the hospital is already paralyzed from waist down. and the one who died during the party is the youngest son of a family friend, they are of lower middle class family. his brother is abroad and still has to come home to bury his brother. i have a question for you guys… who should be responsible for this??? the event organizers? the establishment? or the school that permitted this activity??

  28. tampS says :

    i find the posts are responsible and typical concerned centralians. kodus…!

  29. Imelda says :

    Guys sa pag lantaw ko ang CPU indi dali-dali mag hatag approval sa mga events nga gina held outside the University bisan pa part ina sang course requirement, if proper ang communication nila for sure sa title pa lang sang event nga “Chasing the Sun: Beach party in the City” ma disapprove na, unless they go on with that party without proper approval from the office of the President. 😦

  30. Equalizer says :

    This is a learning experience for the school and the students who organized the said event. With all the opinions stated, there is nothing that we can do with the past itself because as much as we want to turn back time, we can not. A lot of moral issues were stated but whether we like it or not, it mainly depends on the eye of the beholder. Let’s stop blaming one another and stop hurting each other with indecent words that will not help us move forward to prosperity and peace. A chance of tomorrow will always give us the opportunity to prove ourselves to be better.

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