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What New Zealand Can Offer to the World Other than Dairy Products, Meat, Wine and Tourism

New Zealand sheep industry

New Zealand

I’m sure dairy products, meat and wine would be on top of the list when you think about New Zealand, not to mention sheep, deer and cows.

For its scenic sites from the North Island to South Island, New Zealand has become the world’s popular tourist destination.

The location shooting of popular movies like “Lord of the Rings” and the “Hobbit” boosted the country’s popularity.

Lake Tekapo NZ

New Zealand is readily identified with rugby, sailing, shot put, and rowing. The country won medals in international competitions on these sports events.

She has been listed several times in the top ten of the world for such categories as “safest country” and “most liveable country”.

These are just some of the popular things people around the world might say or think about New Zealand.

Do you know there is more to New Zealand than the popular perceptions mentioned above?

Being located far from the rest of the nations of the world except Australia, New Zealand is an innovative nation in many learning areas. Creativity and inventiveness is not limited to agriculture, manufacturing and education only.

Auckland Harbour Bridge by Karl Hipolito

Auckland Harbour Bridge by Karl Hipolito

Infrastructure management is one area where the Kiwis excel in terms of ideas and best practices. The country has institutionalised infrastructure management planning in her laws since 1990.

This paved way for generating and pioneering best practices and development of infrastructure management techniques.

As we all know, infrastructure has important role in the economic development of a country; service supports the constituents and society.

Thus, its management needs to be strategically planned, maintenance and risks management programs faithfully implemented, alongside wise allocation of fiscal and logistical resources of local and national government units.

As a nation established much later than other nations in America and Europe, New Zealand found herself developing best practices in infrastructure construction and management based on lessons learned from older developed countries.

NZ Asset Management Support, in partnership with asset management organisations and experts of Australia and NZ, created the International Infrastructure Management Manual. This is to ensure that best practices and standards are institutionalized and implemented among partner countries.

CPUR Benches

These are photos of CPUR benches that Nygel John Melitado took in 2007.

We used these photos for a mini-documentary in one of the episodes of the CPU TV program “CPU Derecho”.

The concrete benches were projects of past CPU Republic from as far back as 1960s.

Maybe a few of these simple CPUR edifices have remained and still serving their purpose.

Most of these benches had to be destroyed, relocated and thrown around to give way to more elaborate campus developments.

Behind every year period inscribed on these benches are stories of former student leaders whose leadership and character development began with the oldest student republic in the Philippines.

Well, if these benches could talk, they could probably narrate lots of campus stories.

Please have a look and try to think and reminisce your CPU campus memories.

CPUR Benches 1

CPUR Benches 2.a

CPUR Benches 3

CPUR Benches 5

CPUR Benches 4

CPUR Benches 8

CPUR Benches 9

CPUR Benches 6

CPUR Benches 7