Top 10 International Tourist Destinations Part 1

World Destinations by Jade Mark Jarbadan

Whether you are a seasoned traveller, a hesitant one, or still daydreaming about your first adventure this article will be helpful to you.

Travel can mean differently to people. For some it is a necessary part of an occupation or career, some as a passion or hobby, while to others or most, a luxury.

When I was a child, I used to hear people say that the cheapest way to travel is by reading books. Now, there is another way to do it.

In the safe and comfort of your house, with just a computer and internet connection you can travel the world through Google earth or Google maps.

Think about this, a couple of decades ago maps as we know it were just the outline of the landmass and countries on a flat piece of paper.

Well, except maybe for some government intelligence agency where satellites orbiting in the exosphere some 130 miles from earth are used to explore an area or country of interest.

Anyway, nothing is more exciting than real travelling. Planning your trip and charting your course are activities that could heighten and engage all the senses.

Whether you’re travelling in your imagination or looking forward to a trip around the world, here are the Top 10 Tourist destinations of the World.

PHOTO CREDIT: Jade Mark Jarbadan

No. 10 – Mexico

Mexico - Mayan Pyramid

With some 21.5 million visitors each year Mexico has the no. 10 spot as the most visited countries in the world. Its ranks second of the most visited country in the Americas just after the USA.

Tourists are attracted by its Meso-American ruins, colonial cities, cultural festivals, and beach resorts.

The peak tourism season is in December and summer months, particularly before and during the Easter when lots of colourful festivities are taking place. Spring break visitors are mostly students from the United States and Canada heading out to the beautiful beaches to chill out from school.

Majority of visitors are from the US and Canada and some from European and Asian countries. A small portion of tourists are from their neighbouring Latin American countries. Affluent and middle class Mexicans also prefers to spend holidays in their country while some middle and higher class travel overseas.

No. 9 – Malaysia

Petronas Tower Malaysia

With a yearly 23.6 million visitors, Malaysia’s tourism capitalizes on its diverse culture, beautiful and eco-friendly holiday destinations.

One of its most popular attractions is the Petronas Twin Towers, an 88 storey building, which at present the tallest twin tower in the world and a picture of modern architecture.

The country’s promotional effort in 2006 which initiated them to sign a deal with Manchester United worth 2£ million for “Visit Malaysia Year 2007” tourism promotion and prior to that a successful deal with Chealsea Football Club, a top tier English football based in Fulham, London had enormously bolstered Malaysia’s tourism.

No. 8 – Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle Bavaria Germany

According to Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Reports, Germany is among the top safest travel destinations in the world with over 24.2 million yearly tourist to boast. Majority of visitors hails from the Netherlands, United States, and Switzerland.

Germany is at the heart of Europe, historically visitors come for academic and recreational purposes. Now visitors are still fascinated by the country’s architectural treasures and fascinating places of natural beauty.

Its number one tourist destination being the Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany’s fairytale castle famous for its romantic architecture and for the tragic story of its owner.

No. 7 – Turkey

Istanbul Turkey

It might be the Turkish seaside resorts along the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea and its various historical sites that is responsible for its 25.5 million tourists per year.

Most of its visitors come from Germany, Russia, UK, Netherlands, France, Italy, Arab World, and Japan while some are from the Northern Americas and Scandinavia.

Istanbul is its most popular tourist destination featuring several mosques, colourful bazaars, and Turkish baths that can keep busy throughout your trip. Their rich and colourful carpets in the bazaars grabs your attention as well as the common haggling over one before a purchase.

No. 6 – United Kingdom

Big Ben London

There are so much to do when visiting this country, the list just goes on and on this is probably one reason why the 28 million tourists can’t get enough of Britain and just had to go back each year.

One way to go about your trip is to visit huge old castles rich with history and legends.

There are world-famous gardens that begs your attention and time as well. UK’s dynamic arts and culture evident in the architecture of buildings, bustling markets, idyllic countryside, and just in the everyday life of its residents is an attraction itself.

So what makes these countries very popular to tourists? Is their famous sites the only factor? Would you consider facilities, accommodations, food and friendly people contributing to their popularity?

A common factor among these top tourist destinations is there infrastructure in place, how the old and new infrastructure blend together is art and evidence of very satisfactory infrastructure management in place.

Know the Top 5 International Tourist Destinations in the world in part 2 of this article.


[note note_color=”#ffd700″ text_color=”#0028ff” radius=”10″]Please feel free to share your travel experiences if you’ve toured or visited any of the places mentioned above. Write your account into the comment box at the bottom of this post. Thank you.[/note]


  1. Thank you. I like your post. I read in another blog that Germany is a good place to visit. And England is such a beautiful place. Thanks for this list.

    1. By the way, I think aside from the place itself, food and culture are two of the factors that would draw tourists to a place. And I think these places become one of the best holiday destinations because tourists have many choices on where to stay and sleep.

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