Student Independent Democratic Party – History of CPU Republic (1988-1990)

central philippine university republic
Indpendent candidates during their miting-de-avance parade in 1988.

At first, the Independents thought that their entry in the CPUR political arena was only transitory. But their noble cause became the ideals of the next line of leaders both those we were and were not involved in the movement.

Gape-Corvera Administration (1988-1989)

Thus, Peter Gape who was a senator in the Salido-Plotria administration and Jonan Castillon, Salido’s executive secretary organized the Student Independent Democratic Party or SIDP. The party maintained the slogan, “I am Independent! I am Free to Serve!” to remind SIDP leaders to work for the interest of the students and not for the party.

Peter Gape, then a senior Political Science student became the standard bearer of the SIDP in the SY 1988-89 CPUR elections. Peter Corvera of the College of Commerce and Accountancy ran as Gape’s Vice President. Both won the CPUR top posts.

Gape who became popular in the campus for his oratorical skills and the former Red-Cross Youth chairperson did not have a hard time campaigning. He reaped what the “Independents”, the forerunner of SIDP had sown—a dynamic CPUR.

Gape’s greatest achievement was the installation of the electronic bell which plays “Central, My Central” during class period. Gape commmissioned Silverio Navarro, a fifth year electrical engineering student to design the electronic bell.

During his term, Gape was able to work out the establishment of a cheaper XEROX copying services, which was then located at the old library building. He initiated the establishment of the CPU postal station.

Perhaps, the House of Senate made a very unique move in the history of CPUR when it elected Artchil Fernandez as Senate President.

Ten SIDP senators dominated the 12-member Senate. Making true the SIDP principle to work for the interest of the students, the Senate elected Mr. Fernandez because he was the most experienced and qualified among the group.

Gensaya-Palabrica Administration (1989-1990)

The SY 1989-1990 marked the third year of the SIDP in CPUR as Joseph Gensaya became the next CPUR president.

Gensaya tried his best to work for a good CPUR. Despite the perception that he had very weak cabinet members, Gensaya was able to come up with significant achievements.

CPUR participated in the establishment of the CPU Postal Station. Senator Brenda Guevarra (SIDP) donated uniforms for the CPU Band.

The CPU Radio Station Proposal

Gensaya with the assistance of Senator Gilbert Longno (SIDP-Engineering) worked out the feasibility of setting up a radio station owned and managed by CPU.

Many students scoffed upon the idea of a CPU radion staion. They thought that Gensaya’s promise would be realized within a year.

[note note_color=”#ffd566″]NOTE: This account is not complete. Former CPU Republic officials are encouraged to provide additional information. Thank you very much.[/note]


Source: Jonan Castillon, “The History of the Revived CPUR and the Emergence of the Student Independent Democratic Party,” Central Echo Summer 1999.

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