Infrastructure Management – Does CPU Teach This?

Infrastructure Management involves the prolonging of life and use of long-term assets for the common good.
Infrastructure Management involves the prolonging of life and use of long-term assets for the common good.
Infrastructure Management involves the prolonging of life and use of long-term assets for the common good.

Does CPU teach “Infrastructure Management”?

I’m a Civil Engineering graduate of CPU 1989 and I can’t recall encountering the phrase “infrastructure management”.

Maybe I wasn’t listening or I was absent when it was lectured but was the topic ever brought up in any of our subjects?

Our curriculum at that time included nine units of management but they are more related to financial and business management.

I could recall two phrases that could relate to infrastructure management topics, “sum-of-the-years digits” and “cost-benefit ratio” but they were never emphasized in that context.

Is “infrastructure management” in the vocabulary of Central Philippine University? The easy and fast way to know is to do a search in CPU’s website. I made a quick search and it can’t be found.

Anyway, Centralians need not be dismayed for the absence of “infrastructure management” (maybe during our years at CPU only) in our curriculum.

I’m sure that some civil engineer alumni have practiced infrastructure asset management in their profession, courtesy of learning through experience or formal training through their company.

I learned recently that infrastructure management is integral in New Zealand local government practices.

The basic aim of infrastructure asset management is to create plans and implement best practice procedures to maintain and prolong the service life of long-term infrastructure assets.

This is very crucial to supporting and sustaining the quality of life in the community. When infrastructures or assets are managed well, it has implication in local and national economy, especially when resources are very limited.

Going back to the question, I also have the big suspicion that other top engineering schools in the Philippines might be touching lightly on ‘infrastructure management’ and related topics.

If Central Philippine University gives emphasis on “Infrastructure Management”, she will soon be graduating people who are apt and ready to gain career in this area, maybe in their local districts initially and take on jobs internationally.

For further information, please browse this –> INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT website.


PHOTO CREDIT: Yachts at Wellington Harbour by Ross Waugh


  1. During your time, there might not have been a subject on Infrastructure Management. But as time goes by, engineering curriculum continues to evolve to keep up with the continuing changes around the globe, not to mention the environment.

  2. Hello Pastor Jonan,

    As regards your blog on infrastructure management, I agree that it was not taken in the curriculum of CE at CPU together with the subject Human Behavior in the Organization or (HBO).

    I only learned HBO in my Masters course in Public Administration 20 years back, and Infrastructure Management in my present Masters Course in Urban Management and Development (UMD) here at Erasmus University, Netherlands.

    I am planning to specialize in the same coming January 2014 to help address the issue on the effects of climate change in our country. I want you to know that your blog will be of great help to me together with other international students who might be participating with the program.

    1. Hello my dear classmate Engr. Gloria. I’m happy for what you have achieved in your career. Congratulations!

      Thank you for sharing your plans. You are in the right career path to specialize in Infrastructure Management.

      May I suggest that you post a comment (perhaps similar to what you posted here) on any of the blog post at the Infrastructure Management website, which I’m web managing jointly — INFRAMANAGE.COM

      Interacting with the Infrastructure Management experts through the blog at this stage would be an advantage.

      Also, please invite your classmates to subscribe to The site will be rolling out webinars soon. Thank you and God bless your plans classmate. 🙂

      1. Ok Pastor, I will do it.
        I deleted my classmates’ pictures in facebook as some of them might need privacy.
        Surely I will invite them to subscribe with INFRAMAGE. Good bless again to your ministry.

  3. Given these comments, and if there is enough interest, perhaps we need to arrange some lectures at CPU to introduce the subject and provide teaching on infrastructure management tools and methodologies

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