Happy Birthday Dr. Juanito M. Acanto

Dr. Juanito M. Acanto CPU President

Let us celebrate and take time to remember Dr. Juanito M. Acanto on his birthday, 5 April 2013. He was CPU’s former president. He continues to help CPU as board of trustees. Who could ever forget his leadership, Christian ministry, friendship, wit, humor, and most of all, his passion for beautiful CPU.

Rinand Escuban

From Rinand Escuban and family:

Whenever the name Dr. Juanito Maca Acanto is mentioned several things come to my mind:

Central Philippine University, which he led with competence, respect and distinction for 12 years, as Acting President, 1996-1998, and as University President, 1998-2008; a public servant, whose unsullied integrity made him one of the most respected and trusted elected official in the Province of Iloilo; a trial lawyer, whose courtroom savvy and intellect were admired by the bench and the bar, and by his clients, many of whom are the poorest of the poor.

Beyond these, I know Dr. Acanto as the one who opened me the opportunity to serve CPU. He gave me his trust that motivated me to be excellent in my responsibilities.

He rewarded me with his confidence that allowed me to pursue programs for the good of the University. He taught me what it means to be a Centralian. He exemplified to me what service to Central Philippine University is all about.

Happy birthday Sir Juaning. My mentor. My friend. God bless you.

Central Philippine University

From Carmelle Frances Romero:

Ang indi ko gid malipatan abut Sir Juaning or Sir JMA is his way of making things light or mamag-an. While he is meticulous, he does not burden you with his presence.

Amo ina ang akon na appreciate sa iya; because of that mas na-challenge pa kami sa office to work harder and make sure that the trust he has given us is not in vain. And of course, who could forget his legendary humor? Incomparable!

Sir Juaning, you are a blessing. God bless you more.

Ps Charity Esmaya Alibogha

From Ps Charity Esmaya Alibogha:

Dr. Acanto has great influence in my career and I’m thankful to God for his life!

He has a positive attitude that motivated me to work harder. He reminded me to always wear a smile even if my heart is aching.

As a leader, he set the best example to put a smile on your face which brightens everyone he meets. You can always approach him without hesitations. He is a good listener and willing to help and give his full support. Everyone is important to him.

I didn’t expect that my professional growth and life’s journey would come this far after he said to me “Charity, you have to get out of your box!” I will never forget those words.. Those words that encouraged me to embrace and explore the world with dignity and responsibility. Every time he gives his advice he would tell me to look up to God and that he will also pray for me.

He is not only my great mentor but a great friend whom I can count on even if I don’t work for him anymore. Happy birthday my former boss, Sir Acanto!

CPU work student

From Sandy Lim:

During my first year sa CPU, permi ko na Makita si Sir Acanto nagalibot sa campus. Students greeted him with such a big smile. Nabatian ko permi sa ila, “Uy si Tay Juaning nag agi” and they will greet him “Good morning Sir”. And with a smile, mamangkot sya na “kamusta kamu?”.

That’s how he is, very approachable sa tanan.

For 4 years as a work student sa President office, nahibal-an ko na the reason ngaa damu gid nga tawu gapalangga sa iya, it is because Sir Acanto has a huge heart.

Kung pwede nya lang buligan ang tanan, giubra ya na. Personally, Sir, damu gid nga salamat sa tanan. You may not know it pero kung hindi dahil sa imu I won’t be able to reach my dreams.

Sir, as you celebrate your birthday today. I always wish you good health for you, Ma’am Ruth and your family.

You are always blessing and inspiration to us. May you continue to inspire other people Sir. Again, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Sir!

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