Famous Sites in Europe through Karl Hipolito’s Great Photo Shots

Prague, Czech Republic

Bavaria, Germany

Brussels, Belgium

West London, England

London, England


Karl Hipolito says:

Recently, blue hour photography or what they call the dusk/dawn photography has caught my amazement, making me chase and catch that time when it’s neither full daylight nor complete darkness.

Recalling my Europe photography trip, it was funny that we all have to run around Rome just to get the best shot of the Colosseum in the blue hour.

This best time of the day doesn’t last long. You have to equip yourself with a good pair of running shoes and good camera backpack to aid you in catching the best hour in photography.

Usually in my photos, I always adopt 4 of the Top 10 tips I have learned from Kodak. Move it from the middle; move in close; take some vertical shots; and watch the light. The rest would be by mood.

When I travel, I meet people with different perspectives in photography. I learned from fellows who carry big camera gears to the smallest point and shoot ones that it’s not about what you have but how you frame it through your lens.

I agree with Yen Baet, National Geographic Exceptional Experiences Photo Contest 2011 Winner, that:

“Some people tend to forget that owning a camera doesn’t make one a photographer. It is merely a tool, and to make that tool serve its purpose fully, you have to have the eye and a vision. Add in a generous amount of passion, dedication and belief in yourself, that is what makes the difference.”

I still look forward to future globe-trotting opportunities as these open my eyes and my lens to how God created the world superbly.

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