Central Philippine University Post Office – A Brief History

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The Central Philippine University Post Office was dedicated and inaugurated on February 1, 1990. Watch this short documentary about the CPU Post Office.

Did you know that the CPU Republic, then led by Peter Penrod Gape, initiated its establishment? The project was fulfilled the following school year in Joseph Gensaya’s time as CPUR president.

Also, after its inauguration, the Central Philippine University Post Office did not operate right away because the Philippine Postal Corporation was still looking for a personnel who does not smoke.

CPU and the Postal Service Office (now Philippine Postal Corporation) forged an agreement. CPU had to provide the building and the postal company, the personnel and service.

The CPU Post Office is a joint project of CPUR (led by Joseph Gensaya), CPU Development High School PTA (Mr. Bobby Rodriguez as president) and CPU.

The CPU Post Office greatly benefited students whose families are from other provinces of Visayas, Mindanao, and Luzon. Sending through the post office was still the popular way of sending and receiving letters and cards at that time.

With the advent of the Internet and wireless communication technologies, the postal system, which includes the Central Philippine University Post Office, has lost its popularity .

To the students, the younger generations, and even middle-aged to senior adults who have learned how to communicate via Internet and mobile phones, sending through the CPU post office seems to be a thing of the past and labeled as “snail mail”.

Sending money and package through the post office is now the last choice of clients. They prefer the fast courier and cash delivery companies available nowadays.

Despite the odds, the Central Philippine University Post Office remains serving the CPU community and surrounding villages of Jaro, Iloilo City.

Take time to watch the video and appreciate Central Philippine University Post Office.

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