Capturing a Decade of Central Philippine University in 20 Minutes

Central Philippine University Blog

Central Philippine University Blog

These videos capture the 10-year period, from 1997 to 2006 of Central Philippine University dubbed as the “Years of Bliss, Years of Fulfillment” for the university.

From his book, “Years of Bliss, Years of Fulfillment”, Dr. Juanito Acanto writes:

“The blessings that befell this university came from ideas, people, and events, all of which could have been made possible only by and through the intervention of the All-knowing Power, the Almighty God. He uses people and guides them to a clear and strong belief of what a great University of the Baptist Faith should be, and gives them insight to the dreams and aspirations of their leaders of yesteryears and find ways to realize these.”

Watch these videos and see the progress that Central Philippine University amassed in ten years, making it the best university in Western Visayas.

Copies of the book, “Years of Bliss, Years of Fulfillment” by Dr. Juanito M. Acanto are available at the Henry Luce III Library.

For more details about this decade-long period of CPU, browse

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