Why should the Protégé Nation vote for Pop Sweetheart Lirah?

With information from Lynna Joy Bermudez Cardinal

The 7th Elimination Night on Sunday, December 11, 2011 revealed the final three contestants for the Protege: Battle of the Big Break. Pop Sweetheart Lirah sang a mashup of “Paglisan” (Color It Red) / “Habang May Buhay” (Afterimage).

Again, the Protege Nation voted for who will comprise the top three Protege contestants. Pop Sweetheart Lirah Bermudez made it to the final three.

Why should the Protege Nation vote for Pop Sweetheart Lirah? Here are the reasons:


Lirah sings, performs, plays musical instruments and composes songs. We have yet to see other Proteges do what Lirah is doing in the gala nights and other GMA performances. Lirah’s performance on December 4 was quite redemption of her being rated at the bottom on November 27. Watch her video below:


Notice how mentors Jaya and Aiza are much focused (tutok na tutok) on coaching and building up Lovely and Kriza, respectively.

Janno’s absence from mentoring Lirah was the subject of pokes and comments by Protégé judges. Still, Lirah weathered all challenges and come out as a very strong contender.


She can be a VJ, she can act, host, and she can be a commercial model. Although she comes from the province in the Visayas, Tagalog and English languages are not a problem with her. She has good English diction and pronunciation. Further coaching and training would enhance her other potentials.

In three months of Protégé: Battle for the Big Break, inside Protégé and the weekly contest episodes, Lirah Bermudez has garnered many fans nationwide and abroad.

There are 14 fan pages and group accounts at Facebook and one blog that are dedicated to supporting Lirah Bermudez.

She consistently top polls that are put up by Protégé: Battle for the Big Break organization and other Protégé show followers.

On Sunday, during the Protégé: Battle for the Big Break weekly elimination night, let us vote for Pop Sweetheart Lirah Bermudez.

The poster below gives clear instructions on how to vote Lirah Bermudez.

Photo credits: LirahNatics and Protégé LIRAH LINN BERMUDEZ FANS CLUB ®

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5 responses to “Why should the Protégé Nation vote for Pop Sweetheart Lirah?”

  1. Rowena Owen Almonte Cespedes says :

    Yes!…she managed to sing and present 3 artists’ songs..w/ no problem!…I always have faith in her and Janno’s mentorship!.. She has a world class appeal w/ her guitar on or off….She did the hardest presentation of all this show.. only a real expert can detect that!…w/ janno’s genius creativity and lirah’s God0given voice and talent..they deserve to be the First protege Champs!…God bless them both !!!and to all who supports them.. God bless!

    • LEDA G. Garcia says :

      I’m a #1 fan of inday Lirah,she got a sweetvoice na pwedeng sariling atin,she can be a worldclass performer.

  2. Jadz says :

    Lirah is the best of them all. Si lovely you can noticed her accent whenever she sings. Si krizza nasa tono voice quality wala kaboses nya si toostsie guevarra (Kaba). Lirah you are the complete package kasing ganda mo ang voice mo. Ikaw lang ang gusto kong panoorin wala nang iba.

  3. Jadz says :

    Lirah ituloy mo at mag guitar lesson ka para ma-enhance ang galing mo sa pag guitara. Wag kang maniwala kay bert deleon, sa totoo lang mas gusto ka ng mga fans mo na mag guitara while singing..hanga ako sa voice quality mo, kaya mo rin bumirit ng mas maganda kesa kay lovely. si krizza masyadong manipis ang voice. Ikaw ang dapat manalo sa grand finale…booom

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