Central Spirit – There's Happiness at CPU Forever

Perhaps you might be one of those who were touched deeply by the message of the Coca-Cola ad “Where Will Happiness Strike Next: The OFW Project”.

You can’t avoid identifying with and feeling how the three persons featured in the Coca-Cola advertisement felt, especially when you are located abroad and far from your loved ones.

However, when you are one of the alumni of Central Philippine University, the Central Spirit provides the needed warmth and comfort wherever you may be.

Central Philippine University Blog

Centralians are encourage to post a comment, sharing how the Central Spirit has lifted your spirits high as you go through your experiences and transitions in life.

Share your happy CPU Forever Experience now!

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  1. Those of us who left the Philippines to either migrate or work in other countries will always have an emptiness in our hearts. Yes, even if ultimately some or all the members of our family might have joined us & migrated too. This feeling is really very strong especially if we are just working overseas & our families are back in the Philippines. I feel your pain & hope that the current communication technology will be able to help a lot in bridging that divide & longing to be near. I pray that if you will not be able to join your friends in the Philippines, you will at least make sure that you are with friends during the holiday season. May God’s blessings will always surround you. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

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