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Lirah Bermudez – Bright Shining Star of GMA Protege

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There’s no doubt that Lirah Bermudez has remained the bright shining star of GMA Protege: The Battle for the Big Break.

The battle for the big break has intensified as the final five GMA protege contestants were finally chosen.

The weekly polls prove it and the judges have seen how she has improved since the first Protege Gala night.

Watch how Lirah and Janno captivated the judges and audience through their splendid performance of “Hallelujah” (Bamboo) / “Nosi ba Lasi” (Sampaguita)”…

Lirah remains formidable

They said that Lirah and mentor Janno suffered a setback when their November 20 performance was rated at Bottom 2. However, the fact that she outdid Lovely Embuscado proves that Lirah Bermudez is still a very strong contender whether she’s on top or at the bottom.

Avoiding getting eliminated on November 20 showed that Lirah remains formidable. Her supporters the Protégé LIRAH LINN BERMUDEZ FANS CLUB and other Lirah Bermudez fans are always on all out support for her.

Taming the Protege wild cards

Well, the best way for Lirah to tame the Protege wild cards is to do her best and outdo everyone, even herself. And she did!

The Centralian Family Loyalty Award Trivia

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In April 2005, as the CPU Centennial celebration drew near, Dr. Juanito M. Acanto, then incumbent President organized the Centralian Family Loyalty Award Committee.

Dr. Acanto desires to recognize Centralian families who have been loyal to CPU for generations. The legacy of loyalty award was determined through the family members who have attended CPU. Their continuing concern, undiminished interest, unselfish involvement and unswerving support to their Alma Mater were also considered.

Based on the Centralian Family Loyalty Awards site, a total of 117 families received the award in 2005, CPU’s centennial.

In honor of the late Supreme Court Justice Calixto Zaldivar and his family, whose five children are all Centralians, CPU presented the Centralian Family Loyalty Award to the family. Ex-Governor of Antique, Sally Zaldivar Perez received the award for the family.

Guess who came to CPU and gave the award? The President of the Philippines, then Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, honored CPU and the Zaldivar family. The awarding was held at Rose Memorial Auditorium in January 2006.

After the CPU Centennial, the Office of the President proceeded to publish the book titled, “Legacies of Loyalty: Stories of Families Loyal to Central Philippine University“. The book was launched on September 1, 2007 during the Alumni Homecoming Luncheon at Rose Memorial Auditorium.

Of the many CPU publications produced those years, the “Legacies of Loyalty: Stories of Families Loyal to Central Philippine University” is the only book that gained an ISBD or International Standard Bibliographic Description from the National Library of the Philippines.

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Copies of the book, “Legacies of Loyalty: Stories of Families Loyal to Central Philippine University” are available at the Henry Luce III Library.

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Frank C. Jamandre – The Bagong Bayani Awardee for Community Service is a Centralian

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Frank C. Jamandre, native of Iloilo, is recipient of the 2011 Bagong Bayani Award for Community Service.

Frank finished his Nursing degree in 1973 at Central Philippine University. At present, he is the regulatory and accreditation coordinator at Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar.

President Benigno Aquino III will give the award on December 1 at the Malacañang Palace.

Responding to CPU Blog’s email interview, Frank shared the answers that come from his heart.

Frank believes that the three qualities that lead to his being chosen as Bagong Bayani Awardee for Community Service are:

  1. Love of GOD. Putting HIM first in my life.
  2. Love in helping the less fortunate.
  3. Love for my country to be economically stable and free of corruption, have fear of God and follow the righteous way.

Asked how CPU as his college Alma Mater influenced his life, Frank Jamandresaid, “CPU molded me in Christian values that made me a vessel to spread God’s goodness and love to all men.”

Frank challenged Centralians to continue to spread the love of GOD and let our lives shine, being the light of this World so others will see the goodness God has in our lives.

Congratulations Frank C. Jamandre! You bring honor to Central Philippine University. Mabuhay!

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