Central Philippine University Athletes Join 16th UniGames 2011 at Roxas City

Central Philippine University

We say our prayers and give our well wishes to the Central Philippine University athletes who are joining the 16th Unigames 2011 at Roxas City.

The 16th UniGames 2011 begins October 22-29 at Roxas City, where 2,000 athletes from 48 schools are expected to take part.

CPUR President Dofeliz expressed that it is the pleasure of the leadership to support Unigames athletes. He revealed that CPUR supported Unigames since last year.

Sports is one of the foci of CPUR programs and as such the CPUR leadership is giving their best support as they can. He believes that when CPU athletes win medals in Unigames it becomes a good medium for recruitment.

CPUR Pres. “Big Man” Dofeliz mentioned that there are 70-80 athletes of CPU who will see action at the 16th UniGames 2011. He shared that he learned that some teams, like the CPU Basketball team, are not participating for lack of budget.

Watch the video clip below and see how exciting Unigames could be!

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