Experiencing the Big Kawa Hot Spa at Katahum Tibiao

The trek up and down the mountains to visit Tibiao’s popular Bugtong-Bato Falls and the muscular effort spent paddling the Kayak exhausted the G-Force.

Flord, General Manager of Tibiao Fish Spa and Katahum Tours had told the G-Force that the Big Kawa Hot Spa is designed to sooth the aching muscles and joints of the Katahum Tibiao revelers from Central Philippine University.

Central Philippine University

Trying to look confident that the firewood won't boil the water and cook May alive.

May, Joan, and Jonan who immersed themselves into the Big Kawa confirmed that Flord was right. The Big Kawa Hot Spa simmered down the tension that wrapped their being when they climbed the steep way to Bugtong-Bato and negotiated the foaming and gorging rapids of Tibiao.

Central Philippine University

Two heads are better than one...

Central Philippine University

Together we stand, divided we fall!

Central Philippine University

If not for the fact that the G-Force had to go home that afternoon to CPU, Iloilo City, they could have stayed longer and savor every bit of Katahum Tibiao.

Even if the G-Force’s visit to Tibiao was short, the trip was indeed great time for refreshing, bonding, and most of all, in awesome wonder of God’s creation.

Thank you Mayor Walden Lim and Flord for your hospitality.

Crista, Nica, Che, and the rest of the tour guides gang, blessings and more power to you all!

More photos…

Central Philippine University Central Philippine University

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4 responses to “Experiencing the Big Kawa Hot Spa at Katahum Tibiao”

  1. aubreyscars says :

    Pastor, I guess you need to trim down. Heard your online career is going well and this blog is proof. You’re fast becoming an online and SEO guru. My brod told me that they immensely enjoyed the seminar you gave to the Rotarians last week because the online world is quite new to these “old school” peeps. Anyway, I’ll be watching your blog to rank no. 1 in Google. Bless you Pastor and your beautiful family. See you soon.

  2. MM says :

    I can only say . . . WOW!

  3. gwapa says :

    Mas relax tani kon naka-2 piece si Ms. may and Ms. Joan…hehehehe

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