Kayaking at the Katahum Tibiao River Rapids

Central Philippine University
Cyrus at Kayak Inn

The G-Force, compose of some staff members of Central Philippine University, went on a two-day discovery 2011 at Tibiao, Antique on May 26 to 27.

Central Philippine University
Resting a bit before leaving Bugtong-Bato Falls to go back to Brgy. Tuno. The G-Force appreciates the presence of Flord (red shirt) and Krista (yellow shirt) who guided their trek.

Their second day at Tibiao was an intensive adventure day for them. Early morning, the G-Force went to witness the fisher folks bring in their catch from their Lambaklad nets. They had fun at Bugtong-Bato Falls. Read previous post, “Katahum Tibiao Tours – Lambaklad Fishing, Bugtong-Bato Falls, Kayak Adventures & Hot Bath

It was already noon time when the G-Force finished their trip from Bugtong-Bato. They proceeded to Kayak Inn, the venue for their next activity… Kayaking.

After a hearty lunch, three G-Force members don the kayaking attire. Cyrus decided to rest, while Jonan soothed his tired body at the Kawa hot bath.

Central Philippine University
Beneath the smiles of the G-Force Kayakers, a mix of excitement and eagerness pervaded their spirit. The walk to the training site added to the suspense.
Central Philippine University
Jones, Joan, and May were the three G-Force who went Kayaking.
Central Philippine University
The Kayak neophytes were brought to Grade 1 (still waters) for orientation and quick training.

Central Philippine University
Kayaking is a mix of paddling and balance, which May finally mastered.
Central Philippine University
It's easy to build confidence in the smooth water, what do you think Jones?
Central Philippine University
With great determination despite falling into the water once, Joan finally overcame her fear.

After the crash course, Jones shot the Tibiao River Rapids…finishing 12 Kayaking stations.

Central Philippine University

Central Philippine University

Watch out for more G-Force’s Katahum Tibaio Adventures…next post!


  1. This was one of the best parts of our discovery trip. conquering the fear of being washed out of the surging rapids. The confidence that you have with your friends nearby made the experience funner and once you get the hang of it, you won’t wanna let go of your kayak. That’s why, I am so glad to be a part of the G-Force!

  2. How I wished I still had the tenacity to go kayaking with you guys at that time. Now I could only watch all your pictures with admiration for all your successful kayaking quest. At least, I have a big reason to come back and experience what I missed in this summer’s G-Force Discovery 2011.

  3. There are a lot of adventures that can take place in our local places here in the Philippines. Wish I can visit that fish spa and so with that kayaking experience. Maybe soon.

  4. how much will it cost to kayak per person? what is the minimum requirements per booking? can I/we book 1 or 2 person?

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