Katahum Tibiao Experience – Surf Watching, Spelunking & Tibiao Fish Spa

Central Philippine University
Taking a pose with the Tibiao Mayor, Hon. Walden M. Lim (center) during the G-Force's courtesy call.

The rain had stopped but the skies remained cloudy. It was already past 3:00 in the afternoon of May 26, 2011. Being Centralians, the G-Force took time to visit Mayor Walden Lim in his office upon arrival at Tibiao town.

Besides doing the customary courtesy call to the town leader of every place that the G-Force visits, it is also their pride and honor to meet a fellow-Centralian who is leading the progressive town of Tibiao.

Centrral Philippine University
We are here! Taking a photo with GM Flord at his Tibiao Fish Spa sign.

For them, it is great opportunity to hear and learn from Mayor Lim his vision and plans for his constituents. Thus, when Jones asked him what his priority project for the Tibiao people is, Mayor Lim replied quickly and without hesitation, “farm-to-market roads”.

Tiguis Beach

They thought their day tour would start the following day but Flord lost no time in inviting the group to visit some sites nearby. Thus, Flord guided the G-Force to Tiguis Beach.

Central Philippine University
Appreciating the panorama that Tiguis Beach gives

Central Philippine University
We negotiated steep slopes to reach Tibiao's popular seaside scene.

Central Philippine University
Tiguis Beach is not your typical swim and dive beach.

Central Philippine University
Tiguis Beach is one place to find peace by listening to the surf and learning from it.

Tibiao is definitely on her way to progress because Mayor Lim, Flord, and her constituents are listening and learning from nature. Thus, they reap nature’s bountiful gifts.

It is quite sad that there are leaders who neglect to listen to what nature and society are crying out because they are immersed with their pride and pretensions; leading themselves and their constituents towards self-destruction and hubris.

Central Philippine University
Don't leave Tiguis Beach without getting a picture with the 100-year-old Balete Tree.

Let’s go to Tiguis Beach and listen to the surf and get the message!

Spelunking at Manlamon Cave

Although it’s only about 5:00 PM, the dark cloudy sky and the scattered rain showers made it look like it was already dusk. This did not deter the G-Force to follow Flord to Manlamon Cave for some short spelunking adventure.

Flord shared that according to folklore, one could travel through Manlamon cave and be transported to a nearby island by saying a magic word. Along the way, the traveler will be served with good food, fruits, and everything that would make your travel so memorable and comfortable. What the magic word is, no one knows nor not one of the G-Force would like to know.

Central Philippine University
Life's challenges become light when we carry one another's burden.

Central Philippine University
Doing a pose that is fitted for billboard promotion at the mouth of Manlamon Cave.
Central Philippine University
Inside Manlamon's cavern
Central Philippine University
Jonan was glad to exit without a hitch.

The Taste of Tibiao Fish Spa

No, the G-Force did not eat fish but instead they let those special kind of fishes eat their dead skin, leaving the soft and smooth dermis of their feet. At the Tibiao Fish Spa, the client undergoes three stages of treatment. You start with stage one with those little fish doing some kind of “micro-ex-foliation” of your skin.

Central Philippine University
The G-Force at the Tibiao Fish SPA

Then you progress to stages 2 and 3 with the spa being managed by medium to large fishes. Oh boy, the G-Force cannot give an exact description of what they went through at the fish spa. You better come to Tibiao Fish Spa and experience it yourself.

Flord invited the G-Force to try the total Roman bath, a full-body fish treatment but nobody dared. For now, foot treatment was just enough.

Cenetral Philippine University
The G-Force at Stage 1
Central Philippine University
Getting used to the fish nibbles, the G-Force relaxed a bit at Stage 2.
Central Philippine University
Stage 3 gives a smooth finishing 'touch' to our skin.

Watch out for more Katahum Tibiao adventures…next blog post!


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