Central Philippine University TV – EXCEL to the World

Background Story

“EXCEL to the World” was the vision that the Office of the Communications adopted under the leadership of its first director, Jonan Castillon.

The vision statement “EXCEL to the World” captures the portion of Dr. Teodoro Robles’ inaugural speech on March 26, 2008 when he said something about Central Philippine University being no. 1 in Western Visayas and the Philippines, why not “no. 1 in the whole world”.

After several nights of contemplation, the phrase “EXCEL to the World” was composed finally to encompass and echo what Dr. Robles had expressed in his inaugural speech.

To promote it, Jonan conceptualized a video clip that illustrates CPU going out into the world to establish her vision of EXCEL. Pastor Kim de la Cruz provided the poster, which is shown towards the end of the video clip. Donald Lebrilla did well in interpreting Jonan’s idea of the “EXCEL to the World” vision.

The “EXCEL to the World” video clip was adopted as the CPU TV Channel ID to further promote the Office of Communications vision for Dr. Robles’ leadership.

Meaning and Symbolism

The “ball of fire” coming from the dark depths of time and space represents the Holy Sprit, the Word of God, the Gospel Mission that the American Baptist Missionaries proclaimed throughout the whole world until it reached the Philippine Islands, specifically in Panay Island, more specifically the foundation and beginning of Central Philippine University in 1905.

The “explosion” that faded and metamorphosed into the CPU seal illustrates the establishment and development of Central Philippine University into a world-class university with the vision of “EXCEL to the World”.


Actually, the “EXCEL to the World” video clip is unfinished work.

In the original concept, a numerical counter representing the years from the birth of Christ to AD 1905 is supposed to be there. The centennial seal or logo of CPU should have been added too to signify that the university had reach 100 years. Alas, seven months after leading the Office of Communications, the CPU TV Channel was taken away from Jonan’s charge and was placed directly under the Executive Assistant of the Office of the President.

With this blog post, it is hoped that viewers of the CPU TV Channel ID get an enriched perspective each time the “EXCEL to the World” video clip is played in between TV programs.


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