Welcome to the CPU Blog!


“A leader without the Godly vision would resort to tyranny to do his aim. He pretends to lead and garnishes his precepts with lies, intrigues, and mistrust. In the end, he gives disgrace not only to himself but to the institution that he is trying to lead”

Central Philippine University

CPU Football Field

Welcome to the Central Philippine University Blog, the virtual campus of knowledge and faith!

After you graduated and left the campus of our beloved Alma Mater, Central Philippine University, you launched yourself into the world to pursue your dreams. By the grace of God and through your hard work, you achieved well in the career that you have chosen.

We have created the Central Philippine University Blog as the virtual campus for CPU alumni to congregate and share with fellow alumni the many lessons and successes that they have achieved in their lifetime.

Central Philippine University Blog

"CPU Jogging Lane" by Joven Baloyo

Let the Central Philippine University Blog be your venue for your unpublished lectures, untold success stories, articles and researches, reflections, and other written works. 

We have learned much from our beautiful sprawling 24-hectare campus, maybe during our school days in Kindergarten, Elementary, High School, College, and Graduate School.

Now, let us learn more and further through the Central Philippine University Blog.

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2 responses to “Welcome to the CPU Blog!”

  1. speed01 says :

    To the web administrator of this blog page thank you very much for the initiative and effort you’ve made in order for us to be updated about our Alma Mater. Keep up the good work. Keep in touch!

  2. JOEL A. CIRIACO says :

    This is great… Keep us updated.

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